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2009 ACC Football Predictions: Week 10

For the second consecutive year, I'll pick the ACC football season week-by-week with updated standings and pithy comments on each post.

Week 10

Thursday, Nov. 5

Virginia Tech over East Carolina

Saturday, Nov. 7

Clemson over Florida State
North Carolina over Duke
Georgia Tech over Wake Forest
Maryland over NC State
Miami over Virginia

Bye Week

Boston College

Week 10 Standings
Atlantic Conf Over
4-2 7-2
Florida State
4-2 7-2
Maryland 3-2 6-3
NC State 3-2 7-2
Wake Forest 2-4 4-6
Boston College 0-5 4-5
Coastal Conf Over
Virginia Tech 4-1 7-2
Georgia Tech 5-2 8-2
North Carolina 3-2 7-2
Miami 3-3 6-3
Virginia 2-3 4-5
Duke 0-5 3-6

Pithy Comments

- Duke is now ineligible for a bowl. Hard to believe it took 'em this long.
- Clemson catapults to the top of the Atlantic thanks to winning against FSU and NC State falling to Maryland.
- NC State's defense will finally start to cost the Pack games late in the year.
- Virginia Tech concludes its non-conference schedule by getting revenge against ECU.