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This is Going to be the Best Christmas Ever

Just when you thought the road trip to Atlanta couldn't get more exciting...

William Mother F--king Shatner is going to be at DragonCon that weekend with Leonard Nimoy and Patrick Stewart. At first I was going to go to DragonCon ironically and get my picture taken with people who were dressed as anime or sci fi characters who looked annoyed while stood there drunk with a huuuuuuge s--t eating grin and giving a thumbs up. But now I'm going to go because Kirk and Picard are both going to be there. My brain might asplode.

Sid Bream Speed, who will be accompanying me on this endeavor and is a huge X-Men and comic book geek said he plans to dress up like Wolverine and call Picard Stewart professor to "piss off a ton of Trekkies."

The Greatest Road Trip Ever just got Greatester. Labor Day Weekend can't get here fast enough.