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Bourbon Shots: (Running) Back in Business Edition


Practice Quickie (Nathan Warters)
"There’s time to get things right, starting with Wednesday’s scrimmage, which is closed to the public and the media. The scrimmage will be especially important for the running backs, none of whom have much actual game experience. In fact, Oglesby is the veteran of the group with 38 carries last season."

Tailbacks Back at Work (Randy King)
"They looked very rusty today," Hite said. "Thank God, we're not playing Alabama [the Hokies' season-opening foe on Sept. 5] today. It was everything, really. The concentration wasn't good, assignments, and the bad thing is a couple of them missed meeting time because they were getting treatment. We out there running about four plays today where they didn't even know what they're doing. That was part of the problem for the mental mistakes we had today."

All is (Almost) Well in Banged-up Backfield (Norm Wood)
"Oglesby was back in practice after sitting out nine days with an infected blister on his heel. Running backs coach Billy Hite said Oglesby looked good at the start of practice, but Oglesby's momentum slowed to a crawl near the end of practice. Hite wasn't surprised by Oglesby's up-and-down effort after missing so much practice time, but Hite added he needs to get back in shape in a hurry."

Running Backs Return (Darryl Slater)
"Hite liked the way Wilson looked physically and could tell his legs were rested. Oglesby ran well at the beginning of practice, Hite said, "Then toward the end of practice, I’m sure he started feeling his ankle a little bit. Running sprints [at the very end of practice], he didn’t look very good. I know [with] conditioning, you take a few days off from that, you’re gonna lose that, too.""

No Blue Jerseys (Kyle Tucker)
"First, a couple of notes: As expected, RB David Wilson and RB Josh Oglesby were both back to full-speed, full-contact practices today. With their return, there are now NO players in blue, non-contact jerseys. Minus starting RB Darren Evans, who is done for the year, the Hokies are healthy. Trainer Mike Goforth said that nasty infection in Oglesby’s heel is healed – completely. He said the infection is gone and the wound is closed."

New Cornhole Boards (Beer Control Offense)
EBJ is fast at work to complete his new cornhole set before the Alabama game. Can't wait to get a look at them and see if they look better than mine:


I'm interested to see what EBJ did with his, especially since he used the throwback logo. I used the new home jerseys as my muse when I made mine.

Fearless Predictions (The A-Line)
Jim predicts all 12 ACC teams to finish 4-4 in conference play. Unless they don't.

Holding 6-5... you got to Double Down (The North End Zone)
I'm disgusted, mesmerized and hungry all at the same time.

2009 ACC Football Preview: All-ACC Team (TSL)
TSL's team includes five Hokies.

ACC and Opponents

Why Alabama Has to Beat the Hokies (Roll 'Bama Roll)
A tongue in cheek response to an earlier post of mine. Not exactly War and Peace, but since it was written by an Alabama fan, all the commenters think I got roasted or pwned or what ever the Alabama term for pwned is. Still, funny stuff.

Why Is Boston College, Rodney Dangerfield? (On The B.Rink)
The Eagles get no respect, no respect at all. Because they're a Yankee school, they're in the big city, they're boring and their recruits fly under the radar because they aren't from the South and Southern fans aren't familiar with them.

The Huge UNC Defense (Tomahawk Nation)
FSUncensored breaks down the Tar Heel D.

Greetings from the Middle East (Block-C)
"Our old buddy Laslo who was stationed in Iraq as of late sent us a picture and a nice thank you card for the gift package that some of you guys help me put together for him and his friends. That’s him in front of a MIG 25 that was shot down a while back. "

Dabo Criticizes Spence's Gameplanning (Clempson Football)
"Dabo's first move upon his hire as interim HC was one that we all clamored for all season: firing Rob Spence. It was evident at the time that he had serious objections to how Spence applied his ideas during a game. Recently, during his press conference, he brought the idea up and disclosed the main difference between his regime and the previous one on offensive philosophy."

Preseason Football Rankings (BC Interruption)
Jeff takes time away from squeezing orange juice for the breakfast-in-bed tray to discuss the Coaches' and AP Polls. Spoiler alert: BC got disrespected again.

Coach Spaziani Show at Roggie's (Eagle All Access)
For Spaz's sake, I hope his show never coincides with a soccer match featuring the Greek national team.

Cook & Smith Leaving The U (AllCanes)
Miami joins the laundry list of ACC teams with no depth at QB. Welcome to the club, guys.

Stuff Only I Care About

Five Reasons Carrie Milbank Loves Hockey (Puck Daddy)
Screw you guys. I'll take Carrie over Erin Andrews any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Colege is for losers… (The Lost Ogle)
Great job, Oklahoma State.

A SB Nation Tutorial (Die By The Blade)
A good guide for SBN newcomers.