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Virginia Tech Ranked No. 9 in Preseason BlogPoll

The preseason BlogPoll has been tabulated by Brian at MGoBlog and unleashed on its unsuspecting public. The Hokies find themselves at No. 9 according to the bloggers, two spots lower than they are in the AP and coaches' polls.

Not surprisingly, Florida is the No. 1 team in the country, receiving 99 of 101 votes. One of the dissenters was SB Nation's Florida State blog, Tomahawk Nation. FSUncensored filled out his ballot according to schedule strength and ended up with Georgia at No. 1. The ballot almost got removed by Brian, which would have been B.S. since this is the preseason and all preseason ballots are B.S. anyway.

Your ACC teams making the Top 25 include Tech, No. 14 Georgia Tech, No. 19 Florida State, No. 21 North Carolina and No. 25 Miami. Other Virginia Tech opponents making the poll were No. 5 Alabama and No. 23 Nebraska.