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Bourbon Shots: Frank Beamer's Contract Edition

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What is Frank Beamer Really Worth? (VT Fan)
Is Frank Beamer worth more or less than the $2.1 million per year he currently pulls in from Virginia Tech? VT Fan tackles that question and also goes shopping in the bargain section of college football coaches.

NBC Sports' EPOCH FAIL! (The North End Zone)
NBC Sports compiled a list of the 30 best college football traditions. None of them involved Virginia Tech. And I'll let TNEZ break the news to you about who showed up at No. 2.

Non-Conference Numbers (College Game Balls)
The CGB is at it again, this time comparing non-conference results for the college football conferences. The ACC was at least respectable. God's Conference has the best percentage thanks in large part to feasting on teams such as UL-Monroe and Coastal Carolina.

Avoid the Rush, Hate france Early (Blogsburg)
Vic Hall is good. Everyone else? Not so much.

Labatt Hokie Hotline Gets a New Name (HokieSports)
Yeah, let's hold Beamer's weekly call-in show at a brewery. That will end well.

Stay Informed on 757 Recruits (V-P)
The Virginian-Pilot has launched a new Web page devoted entirely to football recruits from the Hampton Roads area. There's information available on a lot of future Hokies.

After the jump: NC State's defense loses another, Miami looks on the bright (and dark) side of life, a rant against BC and how to sneak into the lockerroom after your team has won a title.

ACC and Opponents

Russell Wilson Can't Play Defense, Joe (Joe Ovies)
Ovies is high on his Wolfpack for 2009 because no one is a threat to pass in the Atlantic. You've got it backwards, Joe. When playing NC State, everyone is a threat to pass.

NC State's Secondary Just Got Worse (Backing The Pack)
Here's hoping Tyrod Taylor learns to pass before the NC State game. The Wolfpack's attrition in the secondary is something to marvel at. At this point, maybe NC State just needs to play seven linebackers.

Turnover Margin and Expectations (BC Interruption)
Brian takes time off from spending two hours deciding between two different shades of brown towels at Bed Bath and Beyond to take a look at turnovers. If Phil Steele's turnover theory in college football holds true, Hokie fans will be very disappointed in 2009.

Back In The High Life Again (Canespace)
The best case scenario for Miami...

In Defense Of Doomsday (Canespace)
...and the worst-case.

Hankerson Has Yet to Reach His Potential (AllCanes)
Miami's Leonard Hankerson could step up and become the best WR in the ACC in 2009. Or he could regress like so many Hurricane wide outs of late.

Beamer's King of the Road (Annette)
You just have to look at Frank Beamer's road record in ACC games to see why we've won three of the last five conference titles. Even with a 1-3 road conference record last year, Beamer is 16-4 on the road in the ACC.

If a Good QB Plays for Duke, Does He Make a Sound? (
Jim Young interviews Thaddeus Lewis, who is trying to play in a bowl before he moves on from Duke. Of course, it's not going to happen.

Stuff Only I Care About

System QBs are Made, Not Born (Smart Football)
QBs at Texas Tech don't put up huge numbers just because of Mike Leach's offensive scheme. The way Leach runs practices is what produces results.

Can We Amplify The Band? (MGoBlog)
No, you can't. And someone needs to inform Boston College about this rule. My ears are still ringing from sitting next to the speakers BC uses to turn its band up to 11. And I'm talking about the 2006 game. It was even louder last season. Fuckers.

Eric Berry vs. Taylor Mays (Rocky Top Talk)
RTT breaks down the nation's two best safeties. I'll go with Berry, but Taylor Mays is much better in front of the camera. 

This Picture Never Gets Old (Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician)
TNIAAM gives you the Big East's All-Name team. It would appear the BE has a monopoly on kids named "Boogie". Also, Rock Keys should have been on the All-Porn Name team.

Not Your Typical Commissioner (Geore Schroeder)
I want the ACC to steal the Pac 10's commissioner. And he's been on the job less than two months. Larry Scott isn't from the old boy network and he's exactly what the Pac 10 needs. And congrats to George on his new gig.

Pens Fan Crashes Team's Stanley Celebration (Puck Daddy)
Dion Rich would be proud, my friend. You're an inspiration.

Neftali Feliz Throws Kinda Hard (Power Allie)
The young former OKC RedHawk struck out the first four MLB batters of his career. He probably won't be making any appearances at The Brick anytime soon.

Sawks Offered a King's Ransom for Felix (Over the Monster)
As much as I like Felix Hernandez (who can forget the masterpiece he threw in Matsuzaka's first Fenway start) I'm really glad the Mariners turned us down.

Steroids For Everyone (The Lost Ogle)
Why wasn't something done to curb steroid use in baseball in the 90s and 00s? Follow the money. Of course baseball owners didn't want to stop steroids. The players on them were making them millions. That's why no rule against steroids existed until 2005.