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I Get Letters: RTR! Edition

The other day a commenter from Roll Bama Roll (they're good people) called "The Voice of Reason" graced this blog with his presence and went from post to post making comments. I decided to warn him for trolling and sent this message:

"Dude, Alabama fans are welcome to come and post whenever. But going from post to post and making comments that have nothing to do with the topic and whose only purpose are to get a rise out of people and insult our fanbase and me won't be tolerated."

Today, he sent his reply. It's printed below, without edit.



Let me first apologize to you for your blog. I really hope things can improve for you guys maybe after the season gets going. In light of the recent events involving our own Brandon Deadrick, I can definately agree that the whambulance comment was in bad taste. In fact I am embarassed that I wrote that and I apologize. I think you may have gotten your feelings hurt and thats the last thing that I wanted to accomplish. But as far as the "who are we kidding" well who are we kdding dude. You say that its off topic....its actually a quote that you took from our site. So if you are going to use information from RBR you can't get your panties in a wad when an alabama fan comes over to razz you guys a bit before the big game. I think that you are trying to paint this out to be something that it is not. Below is my remark let me highlight the real reason that you sent the warning, a couple truths might have stung your Heisman Ego.

Who are we kidding.....

This site has very little participation. There are little or no comments because fans have better things to do than analyze every little detail that will unltimately be a factor in your loss. Hokies are a very good ACC team. Translation= Hokies suck I cannot wait any longer for the 5th when Big Al rips out your mascots gobbler and does the hokey pokey with your dance team. Roll Tide Roll

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You know how many times a fan from another site comes onto RBR and says something negative about our team? Well if you participate in other blogs as much as your blog gets participation that you obviously do not. The truth is, if you guys had any insightful commentary going on maybe a bama fan would not think that he has to provoke just to get a reaction(aka participation) or alittle friendly debate heading into the game. I thought that the Big Al visualization was humerous not vulgar.So to make a long story short, if you are feeling froggy gobbler king then go ahead and block me from making comments. (remember you will technically be losing 14% of this months participation) *

Seriously, you should focus more on making a quality blog and less on policing passerbys. I very rarely comment and when I do it is always lighthearted. So accept me into your gobbler community with the disclaimer that I will bring life to many threads (actually even with membership after we defeat you Sat. I will probably just gloat on one comment and never have a need to come back unless we have a horrible season and you have a great one and we meet in a bowl game.) or ban me from commenting. I dont care less. Maybe you should change your name to FurerMr.Irrelevant the way your blogs looking.

*This figure is completely fictional ...

oh yeah p.s. ROLLTIDEROLL

maybe I should have saved this comment for your reaction to my earlier post....

Ouch !

somebody call the Whambulance

Here was my e-mailed reply:


Let me just address a few things he brought up, real quick.

First: No, this site doesn't have a lot of comments or members. Whoop-de-do. Tomahawk Nation used to get a few thousand visitors a month. Now he gets that in a couple of days. I have no idea if this little corner of the Series of Tubes will be that fortunate, but I hope so.

Second: The information I used from RBR. That was a link. Happens.

Finally: The time I spend policing passersby. Let me congratulate you, The Voice of Reason, you're the FIRST person I've ever even warned on this blog. *confetti* *balloons* *marching band* *man on stilts*

Oh, The Voice of Reason, I'm not going to ban you from commenting (until you give me a GOOD reason to). You make my days brighter. You and every other Alabama fan I've come in contact with have just been so great to ... yeah, I couldn't say that with a straight face.

Good lord, these people are terrible. And they have the audacity to call Virginia Tech fans arrogant (HT: CGB)? I haven't seen Hokie fans be arrogant or claim to have a better program than the Tide, just that they deserve to be in the same building as Alabama on Sept. 5. Hell, I even think we're going to lose and that Alabama's going to cover the spread.

Jeez, LSU fans will call you a mother f--ker but at least they'll give you free food and booze. I'll just be glad when this game's over, win or lose, and I never have to talk to these people ever again.