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Virginia Tech vs. Marshall: Q&A with Herd Fans

To help us prepare for this Saturday's game against the Thundering Herd, I sought out W0lfman from Herd Fans to answer a few questions. He was kind enough to oblige.

What can Hokie fans expect from Marshall's offense? Are the Herd keeping with tradition as an air-it-out team?

For the first time under Coach Snyder we have the ability to be a truly balanced offense. We have been inconsistent over the past several years, but with the emergence of Brian Anderson at QB who had a career-high (316) yards on 27-of-36 attempts 3TD's last week, along with newcomer Chuck Walker (10) receptions (119) yards, and senior leader Cody Slate's (9) receptions (114) yards 2TD's, I think we are as close to being an air-it-out team as any in coach Snyder's tenure. Our running game will benefit from the return of Darius Marshall this week as well. Last year Darius was a 1000 yard back.

What are the Herd's strengths and weaknesses on defense?

Defensive line is talented and deep. Linebacker lacks depth.

Marshall has a history of producing solid quarterbacks from Erik Kresser to Chad Pennington to Byron Leftwich. What are Marshall fans expecting out of Brian Anderson?

Consistency. He has to be our leader and control the game. In CUSA I think he has the talent to beat some teams with his arm. Against the Hokies we need to have both the running game and the offense playing at a high level.

What has caused the Herd's decline since moving from the MAC to CUSA? What is the fan base's current feeling toward the program and head coach Mark Snyder?

Probation more so than anything. Our talent level is just now getting back to where we can have a two deep chart without much loss in production. We still have a ways to go, but the level is getting better. And I would be kidding myself if I didn't admit the difference between the coaching staff's experience from our MAC days to our time spent in CUSA.

Fan feeling? The feeling towards Snyder is divided which is understandable. Marshall football won a lot of games at each level we've played over the past 20 years.

How do Marshall fans view Virginia Tech's football team and fans? The teams haven't played much in the last 50 years, but share a pair of connections in Frank Loria and a hatred for WVU.

Virginia Tech has come a long way over the past 15 years and your fan base is rabid and loyal. Your game day atmosphere is top notch and the Enter Sandman entrance is one of the best in college football. And you are absolutely correct in mentioning the connections of Frank Loria and wvu.