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Adventures in Gambling 2009: College Football Week 2

Every week I'll give you my picks for five ACC games and five matchups around the country. Lines are from The Spread. Gambling isn't encouraged or discouraged, but if you're using my picks as your lone resource, well, you're gonna get what you deserve.

ACC Games
(My pick listed first)

Clemson +5 at Georgia Tech
Connecticut +3.5 vs. North Carolina
Stanford +3 at Wake Forest
TCU -11 at Virginia
Boston College -20.5 vs. Kent State

National Games
(My pick listed first)

Penn State -28.5 vs. Syracuse
Kansas -13.5 at UTEP
LSU -14.5 vs. Vanderbilt
Texas Tech -27.5 vs. Rice
USC -6.5 at Ohio State

Yes, I think it will another bad week for ACC football. Don't look for Virginia Tech to cover the 19.5 points its getting against Marshall, either. Only BC will win comfortably against an FBS opponent this week. However, if UNC can go on the road and beat UConn we will officially have a fourth player in the Coastal.

Nationally, I started out taking Purdue, Penn State and Michigan. Then I realized that would be placing my faith in three Big Ten teams. I then changed my strategy.

Last Week

ACC: 2-3
Correct: Baylor, Alabama
Missed: NC State, Maryland, Florida State
Natl: 3-2
Correct: BYU, Oklahoma State, Central Michigan
Missed: Oregon, New Mexico

Year to Date

ACC: 2-3
Natl: 3-2
Total: 5-5