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TV Information for Virginia Tech's Game This Week Against Nebraska

It inevitably comes up every time the Hokies play in one of these ABC/ESPN2 Reverse Mirror games, so I figured I'd provide some information to clear things up.

The Hokies are playing Nebraska this week at 3:30 p.m. EDT. The game is part of the Reverse Mirror, meaning depending on where you live it will either be on ABC, ESPN2 or ESPN GamePlan. The main thing to remember is that no matter what, you're going to be able to see the Big Ten game, which is Arizona at Iowa.

  • If you live in the ACC or Big 12 region, you will see the Hokies and Huskers on your local ABC affiliate and the Arizona-Iowa game on ESPN2. The other game, USC at Washington, is only available if you order ESPN GamePlan.
  • If you live in the Big Ten region or the Pac 10 region that is going to see Arizona (this will probably be restricted to only the state of Arizona), you'll see Arizona at Iowa on your local ABC affiliate and the Hokies and Huskers on ESPN2.
  • The only way you won't be able to see the Hokies this week is if the USC-Washington game is on your local ABC station. Then the Arizona-Iowa game is on ESPN2 and you can only see Virginia Tech-Nebraska if you order ESPN GamePlan.
  • A lot more people will be able to see Virginia Tech this week since there's only three ABC regional games in the 3:30 time slot. Later this year, when there's an ACC, Big Ten, Big 12 and Pac 10 game on at the same time, a lot more people (read: me) won't be able to see the Hokies without coughing up the cash to order a weekly subscription of GamePlan.
  • The coverage maps for this game will be posted here later this week, probably on Wednesday. See below.
Hope this helps. Go Hokies!

ABC Regional Coverage:
ESPN2 Coverage:
If you're an ACC fan in Boston or Tallahassee, you're SOL on seeing the Hokies this week. I'm pretty surprised at how much of the country is going to see the USC-Washington game. I expected it to be limited to the West Coast since it's going to be a blowout. I'm sure there are plenty of Big Televen fans out there who will also be upset they don't get to see the Iowa game.

All in all, it's a very weird coverage map.