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Adventures in Gambling 2009: College Football Week 3

Every week I'll give you my picks for five ACC games and five matchups around the country. Lines are from The Spread. Gambling isn't encouraged or discouraged, but if you're using my picks as your lone resource, well, you're gonna get what you deserve.

ACC Games
(My picks listed first)

Georgia Tech +4.5 at Miami
BYU -7.5 vs. Florida State
Kansas -21.5 vs. Duke
Boston College +6.5 at Clemson
North Carolina -7.5 vs. East Carolina

National Games
(My picks listed first)

Cincinnati +1 at Oregon State
Baylor -10.5 vs. Connecticut
Auburn -7 vs. West Virginia
California -14 at Minnesota
Bowling Green -3 at Marshall

Both the Jackets and Canes are 1-0 in the ACC with wins over their designated Atlantic rival. The winner has a clear edge in the Coastal with a 2-0 record in the ACC. I look for the Jackets to get pressure on Jacory Harris and use big plays on offense to get the job done.

The ACC will go 0-for-Versus on Saturday in two games I can't watch because Comcast is the devil. Thanks Comcast, for overvaluing your crappy network. I think Versus is horrible AND I'M A HOCKEY FAN. I put the blame on Comcast for why I can't see these games this weekend and stand behind my satellite provider's aversion to raising my monthly rate at the expense of broadcasting a second-rate network.

OK, Brian and Jeff, quit reading Better Homes and Gardens because I'm on board with your Eagles as being legit. Don't blow it. Elsewhere, I'm also on board with the Bears and Bearcats. Of course, this will backfire and my girlfriend will end up having to pay for dinner next week. But hey, if I'm right we goin' Sizzler!

Last Week

ACC: 4-1
Correct: Clemson, Connecticut, TCU, BC
Missed: Stanford
Natl: 2-3
Correct: Kansas, Texas Tech
Missed: Penn State, LSU (by half a point), USC

Year to Date

ACC: 6-4
Natl: 5-5
Total: 11-9