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2009 Virginia Tech Football: Nebraska Quick Thoughts

It would be easy to be hyperbolic about yesterday's 16-15 win over Nebraska. The Hokies won a game they had no business winning thanks to an improbable, shocking and heart-stopping offensive drive that accounted for nearly a third of their total yards for the game.

But what can you take away from a game like that? The Hokies looked really bad for 58 minutes and still won. There are a lot of negative things to look at from yesterday's game. But today I'm just going to enjoy the most improbable Hokie win I've ever experienced.

There's a contingent of Hokie fans who seem to almost take joy in the team's failures for one reason or another. Most of them revolve around their vitriol toward offensive coordinator Bryan Stinespring. I'll delve into what was wrong with yesterday's game tomorrow. But today I'm going to savor everything that went right.

This team may not be very good. But they were good as well as lucky when it counted and we came away with a win all Hokies should bask in because wins like them are rare.

For now, yippie-ki-yay, we're 2-1.