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Virginia Tech Can Forget About the Coastal if it Loses to Miami

The Hokies' ACC opener comes against a red-hot Miami team that has already played and won two league games. The Hurricanes' first three games of the season featured probably the toughest three teams they would face in conference play in Florida State, Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech.

To sweep those three games would give the 'Canes a colossal head start on a Coastal division championship. Saturday's game in Blacksburg gives them the chance to do just that.

Virginia Tech hasn't played well in two of its three games this year and faces a team and quarterback that is playing out of its mind. Not only that, but the Hurricanes have something the Hokies lack: Confidence. Some people call it swagger, I call it confidence.

Randy Shannon and Mark Whipple have given the team and quarterback Jacory Harris confidence that their offense will succeed and their team will win. It's something the Hokies haven't reached yet, but the last 1:44 of the Nebraska game was a step in the right direction.

The Hokies better find that confidence quickly, because if they lose to Miami, they have no chance of winning the Coastal Division and going to the ACCCG.

A loss to Miami would mean in order to win the division, the Hokies would have to finish their league slate 7-0 and the Hurricanes would have to go 3-2 in home games against Clemson, Virginia and Duke and road games against Wake Forest and North Carolina.

Neither of those two things are likely.

So if Virginia Tech wants to have a shot at a Coastal Division and ACC championship, it absolutely has to beat Miami this Saturday.