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2009 ACC Blogger Roundtable: Never too Early for Predictions

Our third installment of the 2009 ACC Blogger Roundtable is being hosted by the guy from the Clemson blog Block-C. Remarkably, it's bereft of questions about Willy Korn.

Does this weekend's OOC performance for the ACC negate that first weekend's total bed-shitting performance? Why or why not?

Not entirely because Week 1 included two losses to CAA opponents. Virginia Tech claimed a quality BCS pelt and FSU beat BYU, but the bottom three of Duke, Virginia and Maryland compensated with ugly losses. Even though Duke's was to a BCS opponent.

Our Week 1 performance has a better chance of being forgotten about if Miami can beat OU next week. The ACCpocalypse II really couldn't have been worse because only Clemson's win against MTSU was an OOC win against a BCS FBS opponent. Compensating for it is going to be a marathon, not a sprint.

Continuing the weekly theme of predicting the conference outcome, who'll play in the ACC CG?

Miami and Clemson. If Miami beats Virginia Tech this week, it will be very hard for someone other than the Canes to represent the division. Clemson's defense looks solid and its offensive line looks improved enough for it to finally punch a ticket to the ACCCG.

Is Miami a legit top ten team? Why or why not?

They are because they are going to be very hard to beat unless teams can start getting pressure on Jacory Harris. They'll have a hard time against OU because OU can throw deep and that's where the Canes are vulnerable. But other than the Sooners, there really isn't a team left on their schedule that has a decent passing attack. The Canes won't go undefeated, but if they finish 11-1 or 10-2, which there's a strong possibility they'll do, then they deserve to be in the Top 10.

If you had to declare an ACC MVP right now, who's your top guy?

Jacory Harris. Mark Whipple's offense has brought out the best in Harris and he is playing very confidently. Against two quality conference opponents he's thrown for 656 yards and five touchdowns. It'll be interesting to see the numbers he puts up when the Canes start playing bad teams. Right behind Harris is Clemson's CJ Spiller, who has a TD catch, punt return TD and kick return TD (but no rushing TD?) already this season.

Women, whiskey, and miles of travelin' is all that I understand. What are three things you understand, blogger friends?

I'll never understand women, but as a Virginia Tech fan living 16 hours away from Home Sweet Lane, I definitely understand whiskey and travelin'. You need a good rest stop on I-40? Just ask. But here are three other things I've grown to understand:

1. It's not what you know, it's who you know.
2. Something will always go wrong right before you leave on vacation.
3. Under no circumstances should you date within your circle of friends.