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Virginia Tech 31, Miami 7: Postgame Stream of Consciousness

I. Am. So. Drunk. Woo! What a game! What an amazing game on both sides of the ball. The Hokies are playing the way we thought they could at the beginning of the season. Follow me, follow me to freedom.

  • First player of the game: The Rain. For all the talk about how the Canes would be comfortable in the rain because they were from Miami, it appeared to affect them a lot more than it affected the Hokies.
  • Second player of the game: The Fans. You were loud and it came through on TV. A game ball to all of you.
  • Third player of the game: Jeremiah Weed Sweet Team Flavored Vodka + Bourbon Whiskey. Thank you.
  • The Hokie defense was swarming all over the field, especially Jason Worilds, Cody Grimm and Rashad Carmichael.
  • Worilds was in Harris' face the entire game. Grimm was all over the field and Carmichael played an incredible game at field corner for most of the game. Stephan Virgil made his return, but it was Carmichael who had the biggest impact on the game at boundary corner. He was in on run defense and made a big interception when Miami was trying to get back in it.
  • On offense, Bryan Stinespring called a good game, no matter what you have to say about him. He called plays that used Miami's speed and overpursuit against them, unlike last season's game. The QB read options, counter plays, screens and reverses put Miami on edge throughout the game. It was the kind of game I wish Stinespring would call every game.
  • Ryan Williams was an absolute hoss the whole game. We rode him to victory.
  • Tyrod made plays with his legs and arm when he had to. It was perhaps his most impressive performance of his career. He took what the D gave him and looked good for the whole game.
  • The special teams was either a home run or a strikeout. There were a couple of muffs that almost went Miami's way and a bad snap on a punt that did go its way. But other than those plays, Brent Bowden and the punt coverage, return and kickoff teams were outstanding. We finally beat Miami at special teams. How 'bout that BeamerBall, Randy Phillips???
  • The offensive line played its best game of the season. There were a couple of injuries that had me holding my breath that turned out to be OK. But it was a great game by them in run and pass blocking. Tyrod had time and Williams and Josh Oglesby had big holes. Both Williams and Oglesby ran hard the whole game and got extra yards on every carry.
  • Absolutely amazing. With Georgia Tech's win over North Carolina, the four favorites for the Coastal Division are now tied in the loss column. It's anyone's game now. It will be yet another close, exciting finish in the ACC in the race to Tampa.
  • Incredible.
  • And with that, I'm out of sweet tea vodka/bourbon. Time to switch to Yuengling.
  • It's a great day to be a Hokie. An outstanding day to be a Hokie. Just like every day.