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Virginia Tech 31, Miami 7: What They're Saying

The Hokies were dominant in their win over Miami on Saturday. They quieted both their critics and Hurricane supporters, at least for now. It will be up to the Hokies to find consistency, but they still have time to live up to their preseason expectations.

National Bloggers

The lesson, as always: The ACC still belongs to Virginia Tech (Dr. Saturday)
"And if a Hokie fan actually was writing a script for this game, he probably wouldn't have dared to narrate anything so blatantly Beamer-esque as the reality: In three straight hours of pouring rain, the Hokies forced two turnovers while committing none, blocked a punt for a touchdown and pounded out a living on offense by physically beating the 'Canes up front to the tune of 271 yards rushing; freshman Ryan Williams relegated the loss of Darren Evans to prehistory with 35 bruising, effective carries. Most importantly, the defense, an obvious disappointment to this point, made icy, collected, swagger-y quarterback Jacory Harris look like just another sophomore in his second road start in bad conditions against a Bud Foster defense -- or worse than that, actually, if that's possible, intercepting the rising star of the early season once and offering nary a shot at the long ball the Hurricane offense thrived on in its first two wins. Classic Hokies all the way around: Nasty, brutish and short."

Virginia Tech gets complete effort vs. Miami (Annette)
"For the first time in four games, Virginia Tech looked worthy of all of the preseason hype leading into its season opener against Alabama. Offensive coordinator Bryan Stinespring caught Miami’s defense off guard with misdirection, and a good mix of running and passing plays. Defensive coordinator Bud Foster demanded more from his defense all week and they answered his challenge."

At No. 6, Hokies Back in the Hunt (Bill Roth)
"It proves the theory that in the current BCS system, if you’re going to lose, do so early. And if you have a chance to beat ranked teams, get it done. That’s exactly what the Hokies did by beating Nebraska, ranked No. 19 at game time, and Miami, which was ranked No. 9. Virginia Tech enters October ranked No. 6 in the major polls, including the Harris Interactive poll, which is one-third of the BCS standings formula. The first Harris Poll of this season was released Sunday night."

Hokie Beat Writers

Hokies Hammer Hurricanes edition (Kyle Tucker)
"I’m sure you Bryan Stinespring haters are really struggling with this, but he called an excellent first half. I think with a huge lead, he called off the dogs a little and just tried to grind it out in the final two quarters. But in the first 30 minutes, Tech out-gained Miami 242 yards to 54. Stiney mixed the run and pass, ran inside and out, and sprinkled in a significant amount of misdirection that had the ‘Canes on their heels from the start. Tyrod Taylor ran, he passed (for the brief part of the game where he needed to) and Ryan Williams ran wild again."

Making a Statement, Hokies Beat Miami (Mark Viera)
"With an unequivocal and complete 31-7 victory, No. 11 Virginia Tech upset No. 9 Miami and re-established itself as the class of the Atlantic Coast Conference as rain pelted a soggy crowd of 66,233 at Lane Stadium. As No. 18 Florida State continued its Jekyll and Hyde act by losing, 17-7, to South Florida, Virginia Tech emerged from Saturday looking even more comfortable in the driver’s seat in the conference. The Seminoles are the Atlantic Division. Virginia Tech is in the Coastal Division."

Polls, injuries and recruiting news (Nathan Warters)
"As expected Virginia Tech took a pretty substantial jump in both major polls after beating No. 9 Miami Saturday. It moved up five spots to No. 6 in the Associated Press poll and six spots up to No. 6 in the coaches’ poll. It may be way too early to talk about the national championship picture, but the Hokies are back in it after their latest big victory."

"So much for Miami being the next big thing..." (Norm Wood)
"I guess I understand the fascination from a national media standpoint with all things Miami football-related (after all, the Hurricanes do have quite a history over the last quarter-century), but all of the hype this year seemed really premature. It's almost seemed as if the national folks were trying to will Miami back in to the spotlight. Obviously, the Hurricanes weren't quite ready to make that kind of step, but I certainly wouldn't write them off just yet."

Win may not create national splash (Aaron McFarling)
"If you're a Tech fan, enjoy it, but don't turn on the TV today. Don't run to the radio. The validation you seek won't be found there. The national pundits -- the same ones who put Miami quarterback Jacory Harris in the Heisman discussion and the Hurricanes in the national-title mix after two weeks -- will run from this result."

Upsets vault Hokies back into title chase (Randy King)
"As a result of its impressive 31-7 thrashing of then-No. 9 Miami on Saturday in Blacksburg, parlayed with losses by four teams in last week's top 10, Tech vaulted from 11th to sixth in each of the writers' and coaches' polls released Sunday. The Hokies (3-1, 1-0 ACC) jumped the quartet that lost, plus moved past Oklahoma, which was idle last week. Tech is the highest-ranked of any team with a loss, a list that includes such perennial contenders as Southern California, Oklahoma and Ohio State."

Today was Virginia Tech’s day (Darryl Slater)
"Did all the chatter contribute to Miami losing? It’s difficult to say. I don’t really think players consider those things when they’re on the field. Too much other stuff to worry about. The bottom line: College football is unpredictable, its players flawed compared to pros. That’s what makes it fun to follow and challenging to forecast. Players like to talk about being motivated when analysts pick against them. But they should remember that predictions are flimsy. All it takes to make one is a mouth or a keyboard."

Hokie Bloggers

Back and Backless (The A-Line)
"The 31-7 smackdown was the worst beating Tech has laid on the Backstreet boys since the last time the Canes arrived in Lane Backed by a fawning media and were beaten 31-7. That would be the 2003 game. One of these years you would think the Disney gang would learn that if they are going to engage in a Canes’ Backfest, they really should wait until after the Tech game. Compared to the ESPN clowns, Disney stablemate Goofy comes across as the level-headed voice of reason."

"We Never Left" (Beer Control Offense)
"Bammer and Nebraska have the game plan to play VT, DE's play up the field do not crash Tyrod or he can scramble. Blitz the middle to stop the run or sack Tyrod. Man up the wideouts, Safety over the top. That slows down VT ... arrogant Canes crashed Tyrod and he, Stiney and Ryan Williams torched them. Props to RW his first 20+ carry game of his H.S. or College career and he put up great numbers, 34 carries, 151 2 tds + 2 catches for 40! STUD! Typical Stiney, get the fans really, really pissed at you then have a kick ass game."

31-7 (The North End Zone)
"Can we just all agree that anyone that says anything about college football has no idea what they are talking about?* I mean, Todd McShay has a job talking about this stuff. That right there should be enough to discredit the entire analyst industry."

Game Review - VT vs. Miami (Tech SuperFans)
"This wasn't some watershed moment where the whole offense then got in a circle and had a good group cry and sang Kum-Ba-yah. But what it did do was force Stinespring to learn what he expects his players to learn during film review every week - namely look critically at himself and understand how he was being an obstacle to the success of the offense. Once that step was accomplished, that knowledge could be applied to making improvements, which in this case, meant designing and calling plays suited to the strengths of his players that they could practice religiously the rest of the week."

Hokies’ Opponents Continue to Roll (VT Hokie Fans)
"The Hokies’ only loss this season was to Alabama. Tech scored 24 points in that loss; the most points the Tide have given up this season. Alabama has given up only 28 combined points in their last three games. Only four weeks into the season and that loss doesn’t look so bad now."

"You Got to Beat The Man" (VT Fan)
"I think Frank Beamer would win every football game like this if he could. That game was his formula. A lot of running plays, a few long passes, a bunch of scrambles by an athletic quarterback, several defensive turnovers, and a blocked punt. When it works, it works well. The only question is, does it always work at the best teams?"

Hurricane Bloggers

When The Levee Breaks (Canespace)
"The final score is insignificant as anyone who watched the game knows that the beat down the Canes sustained was full and complete. To be honest the Canes were never in the game and appeared to be out coached and out muscled by a more physical VT squad who were seriously motivated to make a statement on this cold and damp day in Virginia."

Game 3 Recap: L 31-7 @ Virginia Tech (Anton Azucar)
"We will never know how much the rain affected this team, but hello people, both teams were poured on like Noah. For all the Miami passes one could say were incomplete due to the rain, I will counter that every single Va Tech running back cut was like he was on ice. They would come to a near complete stop, then turn directions. Yet Miami still couldn’t tackle them! If it was a clear Virginia night, Miami would have had Ga Tech Running Horror II on their hands for all we know."

Game Three : Virginia Tech 31, Miami 7 (AllCanes)
"A humbling loss should force everyone - most notably fans, media and rivals - to take inventory regarding the Canes. There are bright spots regarding this current Miami bunch, but there simply isn't the depth and across-the-board talent that championship caliber teams possess."