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Virginia Tech vs. Alabama Road Trip Checklist

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Earlier this year when I drove to Miami for the Orange Bowl, I gave you a checklist of things I had to do while on that trip. I accomplished all of them. Here's the checklist for this weekend's trip to Atlanta:


  • Dreamland BBQ in Tuscaloosa or Birmingham
  • Zaxby's
  • Krystal Burger
  • The Varsity (What'll ya have!?)



  • At least five photos with someone dressed up for DragonCon. Me: Drunk, s--t eating grin, giving a thumbs-up. Them: Annoyed. Or a photo with Shatner.
  • Friday Night: Braves Game
  • Sunday: Float the river or Nascar night race (or both?)
Programming Notes
  • This morning I'll embark on the 13-hour drive to Atlanta. The blog will be pretty much unattended until Tuesday morning. Though I might throw together some quick thoughts on the game Sunday.
  • W2W4 vs. Alabama will go up today at Noon EDT.
  • Clark's NCAA 10 simulation will be posted Friday morning.
  • The game thread will appear Saturday at Noon EDT.
Any other places you think I should check out on I-20 or in Atlanta? Drop me a line in the comments. I know Joe Ovies thinks I should stop by a Stuckey's. We'll see.

Go Hokies!