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2009 ACC Blogger Roundtable: I Didn't Order Anchovies

Our next installment of the ACC blogger roundtable is hosted by College Game Balls. This time around we try to pick up the pieces after ACCpocalypse II. CGB has the round-up here.

*Ding-Dong* The pizza man is here. Did your team deliver what you expected in their opener, why or why not?

This isn't even close to what I ordered, offense. Again, with the anchovies. Always with the anchovies. Every year I order supreme and every year you bring me friggin' anchovies. At least the defense brought meat lovers. That will at least get us through September.

The ACC was downright pathetic in week one. Which display of ineptitude shocked you the most? Going forward is there hope for the conference?

You can't really say Virginia Tech, Virginia and Duke's performances were shocking. I mean, at this point, being shocked at those results would be like being shocked by your son's third DUI. No, the most shocking FAIL was NC State, who was completely shut down by a mediocre South Carolina team for the second consecutive season. I thought Russell Wilson was supposed to be like a football version of David Thompson. Instead, the Pack set the tone for the weekend. The Canes and Jackets are the best hope for the conference, but I don't see either running the table.

After the show they put on Monday night, is FSU the team to beat, Atlantic bloggers? And what about Miami, Coastalites?

Miami's defense is still suspect. It'll drop a couple of conference games, but it's still a four-team race for the ACC Coastal between the Canes, Heels, Jackets and Hokies. Jacory Harris really surprised me though. He's playing in September like I thought he'd be playing in November. That part is scary.

You've been granted one curse, other than your opponent pick one team you would like to see lose in week 2.

Georgia Tech. We're going to need the Jackets to lose to as many Atlantic opponents as possible. Winfield, you were a great host this weekend, but you'd be an even better host if you lost to the Tigers.