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There's a Problem if Virginia Tech Fires Offensive Coordinator Bryan Stinespring

My official position is I don't think Bryan Stinespring should be fired as Virginia Tech's offensive coordinator (though I'm quickly warming to the idea). But I do think he's an awful playcaller. However, there is a very big dilemma when it comes to removing or demoting Stiney.

If you want a better offensive coordinator, you're going to have to find someone willing to play third fiddle to Frank Beamer and Bud Foster. Beamer makes his offensive philosophy loud and clear: Protect the ball, control the ball, complement the defense and don't do anything to cost us the game.

The odds of finding a better offensive coordinator than Stinespring who's willing to take his marching orders from Beamer is The Blutarsky. Zero. Point. Zero.

Someone from another program is going to want to come in here, put up big numbers, make a name for himself and move on to a head coaching job somewhere. Stinespring may want a head coaching job, but he's not looking to do it at the expense of following the program's philosophy or else he would have quit long ago.

None of the young, up-and-coming offensive coordinators are going to want to come in here if Stinespring is removed. They'd clash with Beamer and be disgruntled they couldn't open up the playbook. The Chip Kelly and Gus Malzahn types don't want to play ball control.

If you want Stinespring gone yesterday, I've got a rude awakening for you. He's not going to be gone until Beamer is. And the offense is going to be terrible until Beamer changes his tune on how he wants the offense to be run.

Here's a perfect example from Saturday. Down 10 late in the fourth quarter, the Hokies finally showed some quick-strike capabilities when Ryan Williams capped off a two-play TD drive with a 32-yard run. The problem was it came at the worst possible time for the defense. They were gassed and had already been on the field for almost all of the previous 10 minutes of game time. It came as no surprise when Alabama answered in five plays.

If you want a quick-strike offense, you have to live with a quick-strike defense. That's something Beamer, Foster and probably most Hokies fans don't want to see. Until then, you're stuck with Stinespring. And if you get rid of him, I guarantee you won't find anyone better until the program changes its approach.