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Q&A with Mocking the Draft on Jason Worilds in the NFL Draft

To get an outside opinion on Jason Worilds' decision to skip his senior season and enter the NFL Draft, I turned to Mocking Dan from the SB Nation community Mocking the Draft. MTD covers all things relating to the NFL's draft process for SBN. Thanks to Dan for taking the time to answer some burning questions about Worilds' prospects this spring.

GC: Were you surprised by Worilds' decision to go to the draft?

MTD: It was a moderate surprise that he would go pro. He was a hot player entering the year following his sophomore season.

GC: At the beginning of the year Worilds didn't make your list of top defensive end draft prospects. If you redid that list today, where would you rank him?

MTD: When the site rankings get readjusted following the Jan. 15 underclassmen declaration day, Worilds will not be among the top 20 defensive ends. By that time, the rankings will be down to players who will strictly be an end either in a 4-3 or 3-4. I project Worilds only as a 3-4 outside linebacker. He'll be in the top 10 among those players.

GC: Worilds said he thinks he'll would like to go on the "first day" which unless previous years only means the first round in 2010. What's a realistic projection for where he'll be selected?

MTD: Did he say he'd go first day, or what a gaffe on the part of the woman from I'd say he projects into the latter half of the first 125 picks.

GC: What position do you think Worilds will ultimately play in the NFL?

MTD: Like I said above, 3-4 outside linebacker. He doesn't have the size to hold up at 4-3 end - unless he went to a team like the Colts that uses small ends. However, Dwight Freeny and Robert Mathis he is not. But Worilds' best asset is his initial burst, which is critical in the 3-4.

GC: Are there any specific teams that you think would be a good fit for Worilds?

MTD: Pass rushers are always at a premium, that's for sure. The Ravens and Bengals could both use pass rushers, so they could be options. Really, any of the 3-4 teams could take a look at him. At the least, they could use him as a situational pass rusher.

Again, thanks to Dan for his insight and remember to check out Mocking the Draft for all your NFL Draft needs.