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2010 Virginia Tech Depth Chart Debates: Field Corner

The readers have spoken, so I was able to change this one up at the last minute. Originally I was going to suggest Rashad Carmichael start at field corner in 2010. However, the votes and comments last week indicate you would rather he start at boundary corner, which he did for most of 2009.

This means field corner will be up for grabs among a couple of young players most Hokie fans are familiar with but who haven't had a lot of playing time in significant situations.

Field Corner

Starter: Jayron Hosley, So.

Possible Backups: Cris Hill, Jr.; Germond Oatneal, Jr.

Outlook: We discussed Hosley and Hill in depth in the boundary corner post. Readers feel Carmichael's size give him the edge at boundary, where players are asked more often to assist with run defense. Guys on the field side often have more help in pass coverage, but have to cover a larger area of the field.

I think Hosley's speed gives him the edge over Hill to start at field corner. Hill played a lot better in 2009 than I expected, but he'll need to improve more to keep Hosley from winning the starting job for next season.

Up for Debate

  • Who should start at field corner?
  • How much playing time should the backup get?
  • What young CBs could surprise this offseason?