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Virginia Tech 37, Tennessee 14: What They're Saying

The Hokies' big bowl win already has people talking about the 2010 season. While I'll dive head first into next year starting on Monday, let's at least give the rest of the weekend to basking in back-to-back bowl wins and enjoying one more day off before going back to work.

Beat writers and bloggers dissect the Peach Bowl after the jump.

Virginia Tech Beat Writers

The Only Ten I See (Kyle Tucker)
"Whether you agree that the SEC is the juggernaut ESPN makes the conference out to be ... whether you think the Volunteers are even a good SEC team ... there is no disputing that last night’s win, especially in such dominant fashion, went a long way toward improving the Hokies’ national image."

Hokies’ offense improved in 2009 (Darryl Slater)
"Sore ankle aside, he and Tech’s offense finished the year with a flourish that bodes well for next season. The Hokies gained 438 yards against Tennessee. In their five-game winning streak to finish the season, they averaged 436 yards and 34 points. All told, they averaged 392.1 yards – their best output since 2003, when they averaged 401.8."

Hokies take down Volunteers, 37-14 (Nathan "Tommie Frazier" Warters)
"Before a national television audience and an overflow crowd of 73,777 at the Georgia Dome, the 12th-ranked Hokies toppled Tennessee 37-14 in Thursday night’s Chick-fil-A Bowl and put a triumphant coda on a year that began with an Orange Bowl victory over Cincinnati on New Year’s Day."

Williams provides billboard material (Aaron McFarling)
"So start the campaign now. I'll lead the way, even though my Heisman vote for Nebraska's Ndamukong Suh this year was about as useful as a penny at Ruth's Chris Steak House. People make up their minds early for that award, for a lot of different reasons. Hype is chief among them."

Hokies rip Vols (Randy King)
"Virginia Tech's football team successfully exorcised a lot of demons Thursday night in the Chick-fil-A Bowl. Serving up what amounted to an Orange crush, the Hokies rode the strong legs of record-breaking tailback Ryan Williams and a stout defense to a 37-14 pounding of Tennessee in the Chick-fil-A Bowl."

Virginia Tech Bloggers

Raise the Roof For Peach Bowl Wins (College Game Balls)


Cold Chicken (The A-Line)
"We had come to Atlanta for the Chicken Bowl. I’m guessing that by now most everybody has learned the score. After a dicey First Half, Tech rolled in the second, laying to rest all of the chatter about Frank’s record in domes in general and the Georgia one in particular and his difficulties in defeating teams from the SEC. It was fairly amusing to spend the latter parts of the game observing the fans of the Vols racing full-tilt for the exits, being chased from the arena by the chants of ‘ACC’ coming from the Tech ones. I hadn’t seen SEC fans scatter like that since the 1998 Music City bowl. By halftime, the Tennessee band was through playing that annoying ‘Rocky Top.’"


Awesome Weekend (Beer Control Offense)
"The BEATDOWN on Tennessee and Lane Kiffin was incredible, I love the new bowl preparation the team has shown the last 2 seasons. Apparently UT was very loosey goosey and missing curfew in the ATL, did not find that with this Hokie team. 3rd time was a charm! Chick-Fil-A champs! A lil note about the offense, after the loss to UNC, Beamer started putting more emphasis and practice time on the O. It showed. 5 straight games on scoring on the D in the 2nd half, seems to not have affected Foster too much."



Hokies Annihilate Vols at Line of Scrimmage (Tech Sideline)
"Tech didn't get much going on the ground until the second half. Williams had just 17 carries for 38 yards in the first two quarters, but he had 78 yards on Virginia Tech's opening drive of the second half. The game was even at the line of scrimmage in the first half, but the Hokies dominated in the final 30 minutes. For the game, Tech outrushed Tennessee 229 to 5, and outgained them 438 to 240 in total offense."

3 Key Plays - VT vs. Tennessee (Tech Superfans)
"As a final note, there is an honorary key play. The final play of the game was a 4th and 10 with 52 seconds left. Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin, down 23 points, had the gumption to call a timeout to try and score a meaningless TD. As a result, Coach Foster dialed up a blitz from rover Dorian Porch and Porch blasted in on Crompton and popped him into the turf. Crompton ended up with a minor concussion. I hope he's OK, but I think that says everything you need to know about Coach Foster."

Sourpuss Kiffin (Fight For Old DC)
"Tyrod Taylor has officially arrived. He finished his season with a top 20 passer rating as well as the best yards per attempt average in the country. Taylor was poised on against the Vols, and managed to put the ball where only his receivers could catch them (with one exception). He is obviously the leader of this group, and I think having to share the backfield with a bigger talent has done wonders for Tyrod's psyche and confidence."

Bowl Champions (VT Fan)
"Virginia Tech won in the trenches. The defensive line especially was disruptive all night. Even on the drives Tennessee had that were successful, they overcame relentless play by Graves, Worilds, Brown, and crews. The O-Line had a tougher match-up but had one of its best pass protection games and opened good holes for the RBs."

Tennessee Bloggers

A Warning or a Speedbump? Virginia Tech 37, Tennessee 14 (Team Speed Kills)
"Sure, the unranked Vols were an underdog against No. 11 Virginia Tech by any measure you can use. But the positive momentum supposedly generated by the strong end of the season should have made the Game Formerly Known as the Peach Bowl competitive. It wasn't, as the Hokies took a 17-14 lead at halftime and then made it a 37-14 final margin in a convincing rout."

Virginia Tech stomps Tennessee 37-14 (Rocky Top Talk)
"This loss was a team effort, and Virginia Tech was simply better. At everything."

Hokies Gobble Up The Vols (Vols in the Fall)
"No contest. Williams rushed for 117 yards on 25 carries in just 3 quarters of duty. This was Ryan’s 10th 100+ yardage game of the season. He’s a freshman. We’ll be seeing his picture on the cover of a few magazines come August 2010. Hardesty was surrounded by big, fast Hokies most of the night. Only 39 yards is a disappointing way for my man Montario to end his Vol career. But, his OL couldn’t handle what was thrown at them. That was obvious."

Lots of Big Orange Blame To Go Around (3rd Saturday in Blogtober)
"On behalf of all Tennessee fans, I want to apologize to the SEC for the embarrassment that we all witnessed Thursday night. What was once a season filled with good vibes and corner-turning seems far away at this moment. And there is very much blame to go around. So much blame, in fact, that I’ve decided that we need to go through it all. By now, most sickened UT fans have quit reading this, and that’s fine. But when I’m disappointed, I feel the desire to type and vent. I’ll keep it clear-headed because I’m not angry at all. I’m just embarrassed."

ACC Bloggers

ACC Bowling WIN: I Can Has Winz, ACC?! (On The B.Rink)
"ACC 2 SEC 0. As for next year, it may even be hard for Stinespring to mess up this offense, but don’t get too cozy with possibly being the ACC Champs preseason again, Hokies fans. It will be another tough season in the Coastal with some outstanding, but inconsistent teams."

Instant Analysis: Virginia Tech 37, Tennessee 14 (Annette)
"It was a significant step forward for both Virginia Tech and the ACC, as the SEC had won the past four Chick-fil-A Bowl games. Virginia Tech had also lost four straight games to SEC teams dating back to 2002. The win gave Virginia Tech its first back-to-back bowl wins in school history, and it gave the Hokies their sixth straight 10-win season, joining only Texas in that streak. It should put Virginia Tech in the top 10 heading into 2010."