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Gobbler Country's Preliminary Final BlogPoll Ballot

Once more with feeling. This concludes our first season of voting in the prestigious BlogPoll. Once again, this ballot should accurately represent the entire Gobbler Country community, not just my own personal opinion. Please leave your gripes in the comments and I'll change the ballot as need be before the deadline to submit it.

Games Watched: BYU vs. Oregon State, SMU vs. Nevada, Marshall vs. Ohio, Pittsburgh vs. North Carolina, Clemson vs. Kentucky, Wisconsin vs. Miami, Nebraska vs. Arizona, Oklahoma vs. Stanford, Navy vs. Missouri (first half), Virginia Tech vs. Tennessee, Ohio State vs. Oregon, Florida vs. Cincinnati (first half), Ole Miss vs. Oklahoma State, Arkansas vs. East Carolina, Boise State vs. TCU, Iowa vs. Georgia Tech, Alabama vs. Texas.

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama
2 Boise State 3
3 Florida 3
4 Texas 1
5 TCU 3
6 Cincinnati 2
7 Ohio State 2
8 Iowa 3
9 Brigham Young 1
10 Virginia Tech 2
11 Pittsburgh 2
12 Oregon 5
13 Georgia Tech 5
14 Penn State 1
15 Utah 4
16 Nebraska 7
17 Wisconsin 7
18 Central Michigan 4
19 Clemson 2
20 Stanford 4
21 Miami (Florida) 7
22 Oregon State 5
23 Navy
24 Southern Cal
25 Mississippi
Last week's ballot
Dropped Out: Oklahoma State (#18), Arizona (#20), LSU (#25).
Dropped In: Navy (#23), Southern Cal (#24), Mississippi (#25).

  • Apologies to Boise State. I was wrong. When the smoke cleared the Broncos ended the season as one of two unbeatens with solid wins over Oregon and TCU. Their defense is much better than I previously thought and they'll be a very tough out for us next season. They're a scary team entering 2010 and if anyone has the Broncos lower than third in next year's preseason poll they just don't watch a lot of football.
  • USC and Ole Miss are on the ballot because I couldn't find any other teams that deserved to be on the ballot. Make your case for someone else in the comments.
  • The teams that had the most impressive bowl wins, Nebraska and Wisconsin, also make the biggest jumps in the ballot. 
  • How far should Miami or Georgia Tech fall after shitting the bed in its bowls?
  • Florida proved it's the best one-loss team by eviscerating previously unbeaten Cincinnati, which was the BCS Committee's wet dream.
  • Who should be ranked higher?
  • Who should be ranked lower?