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Nike Pro Combat jerseys...going, going, GONE! Does anyone know how to get your hands on one?

As I looked through the sea of maroon and orange yesterday against CMU, I couldn't help but to notice a LARGE contingency of Black Nike Pro Combat 2010 Ryan Williams (okay so not officially! Don't come after me NCAA) and White Nike Pro Combat 2009 Tyrod Taylor jerseys (ditto). The problem is, I don't own either of these, and I want to. That's not really a problem. The real problem is that Nike stops producing and selling them, making them impossible to find when obviously there is a market for their continued sale.

For the white jerseys, it took a while for them to grow on me. But even when I got to the point of acceptance, when I went to buy it at season's end, I found that the one remaining jersey in my size had a defect in the twill numbering, which had begun to completely unravel. Sucks for me, huh? So without putting too much thought into it, and thinking "don't sweat it, there will be plenty of time to pick up one of these guys," I carried on with my life, only to find out the joke's somehow on both me and Nike...yet Nike is the one who is telling the joke. The joke is, I have the dough, I want the jersey, but in Nike's screwed up head that doesn't constitute a good reason for making them.

As for the black jerseys, I thought about it as a cool concept for a one-game alternate jersey. I was into them...maybe not as much as I could have been, but still into them. I didn't think they were the ugliest thing since our offense in 2008 (which as you know, was ugly...WOW, so ugly that you can obviously see the merit of my using it to define ugly). But, I guess I am weird. I like to have certain jerseys that certain players wore when they had a REALLY ridiculous game. For instance, I wanted to grab up a 2009 Williams home jersey. Also, I wanted to pick up a 2010 Nike Rivals Pro Combat uni of Tyrod. No such luck since they only made Williams. But every time I see his number on that black canvas, I think of what a TERRIBLE game he had, and really it was too much to bear for a long time. Finally, I decided I had to buy (and having $80 to splurge on a jersey was not in my budget...yeah, I know that's bad) or miss the gravy train. Much to my chagrin, I find out the train is long gone...WAY sooner than last year's jerseys were pulled, and I am without a jersey. So, I guess my question is, how can I get my hands on one of each or even one period? I have had no luck searching for weeks, yet some people keep finding them and tracking them down. Any lead is appreciated, though don't send me anything from Fanatics which is also known as FootballFanatics, FinishLine, or Fans' Edge, as none of those places have them. Also, Nike is currently "SOLD OUT" on their website (linked below)...So the real question is, who is the joke really on? Us Hokiefans who missed the train for whatever reason and have now come to our senses, or Nike who is apparently thinking with their caboose if they think they can't continue to capitalize on these jerseys financially. After all, last time I checked Nike was ALL about money!,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-368929