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Gobbler Country's Preliminary Week 7 BlogPoll Ballot

Sooooooo Alabama lost and now things get crazy. Final ballot is due Wednesday morning. Leave your arguments in the comments.

Games Watched: Nebraska at Kansas State, Baylor vs. Texas Tech (50%), Texas A&M vs. Arkansas (33%), Wyoming at TCU (25%), Arkansas State at North Texas (33%), Tulsa at SMU (66%), Central Michigan at Virginia Tech, Florida State at Miami.


I'm sure I'll get a lot of complaints about the laddering at the top, but from the looks of it, none of the Top 5 really did anything this week to make me think differently about them from last week. Let's break down the Top 5.

Boise State (5-0): Home wins - Oregon State (3-2), Toledo (3-3). Road/Neutral wins - Virginia Tech (4-2), Wyoming (2-4), New Mexico State (1-4). Best two wins - Oregon State, Virginia Tech.

Oregon (6-0): Home wins - New Mexico (0-6), Portland State (FCS), Stanford (5-1). Road/Neutral wins - Tennessee (2-4), Arizona State (3-3), Washington State (1-5). Best two wins - Stanford, Arizona State.

Ohio State (6-0): Home wins - Marshall (1-4), Miami (3-2), Ohio (3-3), Eastern Michigan (0-6), Indiana (3-2). Road/Neutral wins - Illinois (3-2). Best two wins - Miami, Illinois.

TCU (6-0): Home wins - Tennessee Tech (FCS), Baylor (4-2), Wyoming (2-4). Road/Neutral wins - Oregon State (3-2), SMU (4-2), Colorado State (1-5). Best two wins - Baylor, Oregon State.

Nebraska (5-0): Home wins - Western Kentucky (0-5), Idaho (3-2), South Dakota State (FCS). Road/Neutral wins - Washington (2-3), Kansas State (4-1). Best two wins - Kansas State, Washington.

Boise State has done everything it's been asked to do so far. It beat two pretty good AQ schools, including one which was basically a road game. Every other game has been a blowout. Oregon has one very good win, one mediocre win and wins against a bunch of patsies. Ohio State has one very good win, a bunch of wins against patsies and struggled in its only road game so far. TCU and Nebraska have just taken care of business so far.

Looking at the resumes of the new Top 5, I think their order should remain the same. Of course, next week Nebraska  plays Texas and Ohio State plays Wisconsin, meaning there's plenty of room for change to occur. Just not this week, in my opinion.