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Gobbler Country's Preliminary Week 8 BlogPoll Ballot

Well, that was interesting. After losses by Ohio State and Nebraska, things get interesting in BlogPoll Land. Just about every team has looked bad in at least one game or has suffered an inexplicable loss. Because of this, most teams are almost indistinguishable at the point.

Games Watched: Missouri at Texas A&M, Boston College at Florida State, Miami at Duke (50%), Texas at Nebraska, Wake Forest at Virginia Tech, Iowa State at Oklahoma, Oregon State at Washington (50%).

Full poll after the jump. Final ballot is due Wednesday morning.


First, the Hokies. I've said a couple of times that I won't rank them until after the Georgia Tech game at the earliest and I'm going to keep that promise.

Too many voters get distracted by shiny objects and jump teams up too high based on one result. I try to keep the full body of work in mind when ranking teams as well as factor in how they're playing now and how they've performed away from home.

The problem this season is nearly every team has had one game where they've looked bad against a less than quality opponent. The only team that hasn't is Boise State. The Broncos have crushed every team they're supposed to crush and have quality wins against Virginia Tech and Oregon State.

Teams I Like: Auburn. Should the Tigers be higher? Stanford. The Cardinal's lone loss looks better every week. Florida State. Same with the Seminoles' lone defeat.

Teams I Don't: Nebraska. The Huskers finally played a good defense and their only TD came on ST. Utah. Struggled at home against Pitt, which it turns out is horrible. South Carolina. Consider me guilty of "being distracted by shiny objects" after the win against Bama.

Also, have you noticed a lot of teams lose the week after they play Bama?