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Virginia Tech 44, Duke 7: Postgame Stream of Consciousness

Bye week time! We made it to November at 4-0 in the ACC, now it's time for the home stretch that we've had circled since the schedule came out: Home vs. Georgia Tech and road games against North Carolina and Miami to decide the ACC Coastal. Should be an exciting month. Before we get into all that, the Devils:

  • Good grief, Tyrod Taylor. He's playing at the highest level of his career and is making throws I didn't think he was going to make early in the season.
  • In addition to Tyrod, another group that's peaking at the right time is the defensive line. John Graves had a nice game against the Blue Devils and the ends are getting pressure consistently.
  • One group that still needs improvement is the linebackers. We didn't see any of the huge breakdowns like we saw against Wake Forest, but there are still things that can be cleaned up. Lyndell Gibson had a much better game, though.
  • Ryan Williams returned and wasn't exactly sharp, but that's not nearly as important right now as the fact that he's back. He wasn't able to find room to run, but there wasn't a lot of room to run for any of the linebackers against the Blue Devils, who were content to force Tyrod to beat them. He obliged.
  • We're on a five-game winning streak and the offense is clicking, but we've played some really, really bad defenses lately. That's allowed the offense to build its confidence, but I'll still be interested to see how we do against a defense that isn't completely horrible.
  • I feel good about the way the team's playing, much better than I did going into last year's Georgia Tech game. Hopefully we can keep rolling.
  • What are your thoughts on the Duke game, how the team is playing and the upcoming Coastal Division November of Doom?