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Gobbler Country's Preliminary Week 6 BlogPoll Ballot

Ballot and explanation after the jump. Leave your comments and suggestions prior to Wednesday, when the final ballot is due.

Games Watched: Texas A&M at Oklahoma State, Miami at Clemson, Oklahoma vs. Texas, Virginia Tech at NC State, Georgia Tech at Wake Forest (50%), Stanford at Oregon (50%), Florida at Alabama (50%).


To me, you can almost divide the ballot into five sections and organize each section however and still be right. Keep in mind that just because a team is No. 3, 4, 5 or whatever, doesn't mean they can't jump up without a team ahead of them losing or move down without losing themselves. Things will start to get crazy now that we have a better idea of who these teams are. Also keep in mind that I do not care who a team has remaining on its schedule. I only care about who they've played so far and how they've performed in those games.

For me, the Top 5 teams in the country are Alabama, Boise State, Oregon, Ohio State and TCU.

Nos. 1-5: The Cream

  • Alabama has three wins over Top 25 (at the time) teams, including one on the road and another against Florida. There aren't many teams, if any, that can compete with that resume and doing all of it while having the No. 1 bull's eye on their backs. 
  • BSU has two wins over Top 25 (at the time) teams and dominated two teams on the road. 
  • Oregon has been dominant so far and has two road wins against BCS teams. Their closest win was at Arizona State and while watching that game I never really got the feeling that Oregon was every really in any danger.
  • Ohio State has a big win over Miami, but struggled on the road in conference and has three other wins over cupcakes.
  • TCU looked good when I saw it in person against Oregon State, blew out a Baylor team that might be better than we thought and has two blowout wins on the road.
Nos. 6-10: Next in Line

These teams are all unbeaten, but either don't have the resumes to reach the Top 5 or haven't been consistent enough to jump the teams in the Top 5. The big mover here is Michigan State, which impressed me by beating Wisconsin, which was previously in the Top 10.

Nos. 11-15: Best with a Loss

All five of these teams have losses against teams that are in the Top 10. Again, you can pretty much rank them however. If you have a good argument for why one should be ranked above the other, feel free to let me know.

Nos. 16-20: Show Me More

These teams have one loss or are unbeaten. In all cases, these teams have been inconsistent or don't have the resumes to move up. One of them, Nevada, continues to impress me more and more each week.

Nos. 21-25: Darts

Other teams considered for these spots include Florida State, Missouri, Kansas State, USC and Penn State. Should any of them be included and a team already in the Top 25 left out? Let me know.