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Bourbon Shots: Virginia Tech vs. Central Michigan Edition

A collection of links to get you ready for the Hokies' game this Saturday against the Chippewas.

Virginia Tech Beat Writers

Depth issues creating long games for starters (Norm Wood)
Wood highlights an important issue for the Hokies: The massive workload that has been thrust upon the first team, especially the defense and offensive line. One of the reasons it's important for the Hokies to play well in the first half is so the back-ups can play in the second and build depth.

Darren Evans is back, maybe better (Kyle Tucker)
Darren Evans didn't look the same in the team's first few games after a key fumble against James Madison and another against East Carolina. However, the old Darren Evans has returned and he's running with a purpose again, which is very good news for Hokie fans.

Newsome liked o-line’s physical run blocking (Darryl Slater)
The Hokies offensive line looked better in the second half against NC State than it has probably looked all season. The difference, according to offensive line coach Curt Newsome, was that they were more physical than they had been in recent weeks.

Eddie Whitley plays through the pain (Mark Giannotto)
I have to hand it to Whitley for sticking it out even with the shoulder injury he suffered against Boston College. I thought he struggled against NC State, but considering the amount of pain he's in, it was definitely a much better effort than I gave him credit for.

Virginia Tech Bloggers

Goofus and Gallant (The Key Play)
Joe illustrates (literally) Virginia Tech's problems with inconsistency this season. He's among the many fans that want to see the Hokies play as well in the first half as they have in the second half for most of the season.

Hokies vs. Chippewas, what to watch for (VT Campus Blog)
Josh wants to see the Hokies get a big lead early and play guys like James Gayle, J.R. Collins and Logan Thomas. Especially Logan Thomas. All the special play and packages we dreamed about with the tight end/quarterback Thomas haven't been there this year. Hopefully we'll get to see them against CMU.

We’re Back and Above .500 (We Bleed Bourbon)
The guys at We Bleed Bourbon say the CMU game definitely matters because it's the Hokies' last chance to iron out some wrinkles against a non-conference opponent.

Central Michigan Bloggers

Central Michigan O-line trying to recover (Fire Up Chips)
Ball State's Robert Eddins was able to manhandle CMU offensive linemen who out-seighed him by 40 pounds. That's not a good omen for the Chips, who will face a VT defensive line that's improved significantly in the pass rushing department.

Keys to the Upset (
For CMU to have a chance, it will need to survive the first quarter, protect its QB and win the turnover battle. The guys think you'll see a much better CMU team than you saw against Ball State, but the Chips will still come up short.

All The Bells And Wheels You Can Stomach (Hustle Belt)
Sussman says the Hokies and Chips are heading in opposite directions and doesn't think CMU will come away with a big win against a BCS team for the MAC.