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Will Virginia Tech RB Ryan Williams Turn Pro After This Season?

Ryan Williams calls himself an "NFL-bound player," but it's when he makes his inevitable jump to the pros that Hokie fans are most interested in. The Washington Post's Mark Giannotto talked to Williams about his future plans for a post tonight.

Williams tries to stay in the present, like he did when battling injuries during his high school recruitment:

"I rarely think about it when people talk to me, but I know I'm an NFL-bound player," Williams said Monday when asked about declaring for the NFL draft. "I just know how I handled business before and then I start thinking about the bigger picture and then I feel like I start losing focus and start thinking more about me than what I need to do for my team."

He told Darryl Slater that he hopes NFL scouts will have the same faith in his abilities college recruiters had during his senior season. He's eligible to declare for the NFL Draft after this season because he redshirted in 2008 and may move on despite being limited this year because of a torn hamstring.

Sam Bradford proved last year that injuries don't always move you down draft boards as long as you impress during pro day or at the combine. However, impending labor strife in the NFL may make up Williams' mind for him and keep him with the Hokies for another year.

Until then, I'm glad to read that Williams is focusing on the current season and performing for Virginia Tech fans. But discussions about just how many games he has left to perform for them will only increase as the season continues. Hopefully Williams will continue to keep saying the right things and helping the Hokies win.