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Virginia Tech Hokies Move Up to No. 14 and No. 15 in Latest College Football Polls

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After its eight consecutive victory, Virginia Tech has moved up two spots in the AP Top 25 to No. 14 and one spot in the USA Today/ESPN Top 25 Coaches Poll to No. 15.

The Hokies, who were ranked No. 16 in both polls a week ago, continue to be the highest-ranked ACC team. Their next opponent, Miami, returns to both polls after a blowout win at Georgia Tech, coming in at No. 24 in the AP and No. 21 in the Coaches. Florida State and NC State were among the top teams in the "also receiving votes" category of both polls. FSU missed out on the No. 25 spot in the Coaches poll by six points.

Nationally, Oregon and Auburn remain No. 1 and No. 2, respectively, while Boise State jumped TCU for the No. 3 spot in both polls. TCU was outscored by San Diego State 21-3 at the end of its game to make the final score of 40-35 seem much closer than it was in reality.

Meanwhile, the Horned Frogs had three of its non-conference opponents lose, including Utah, which failed to find the end zone against Notre Dame in a 35-3 loss. Oregon State, which TCU beat to open the season, provided Washington State with its first road win since 2007.

The Coaches poll counts toward the final BCS ranking, which will be released tonight, while the AP poll does not. The Harris Interactive Top 25 College Football Poll, which is the other human element of the BCS rankings, will be released later today.

My initial ballot for the BlogPoll will be posted later today for your suggestions and arguments. The final BlogPoll is released on Wednesdays.

UPDATE (11/14 4:40 EST): Hokies are No. 15 (PDF) in this week's Harris poll.

UPDATE (11/14 11:45 EST): Hokies are No. 16 in the BCS rankings.

UPDATE (11/15 12:45 EST): Here's the preliminary BlogPoll ballot.