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Gobbler Country's Preliminary Week 12 BlogPoll Ballot

No big changes this week. Leave your suggestions and reasoning in the comments section. Final ballot is due Wednesday morning.

Games Watched: Iowa at Northwestern, Kansas State at Missouri, Virginia Tech at North Carolina, Oregon at California, Oklahoma State at Texas (50%), Nevada at Fresno State.



  • I don't think Oregon or Auburn did enough this weekend to warrant swapping the two teams yet. Auburn had a great second half against Georgia, but the body of work still goes to Oregon. Could change in two weeks, though.
  • Ditto with TCU and Boise State, although the two teams are practically identical now. Both beat Oregon State who, as it turns out, is horrible. Too bad we can't have Auburn play the Beavers so we can have a baseline to go off of for all four unbeatens.
  • 5-9 is pretty much a toss up. Those teams moved around a little. What do you guys think of Nebraska? The Huskers been really impressive in all but one inexplicable game against Texas. Should they be moved back down?
  • Also considered for No. 25: Northern Illinois, USC, Utah and Arizona.