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Where Does Miami Rank on Virginia Tech's List of Rivals?

The Hokies and Hurricanes are again meeting late in the season with plenty on the line. The Hokies are looking to clinch the Coastal division while Miami looks to snap the Hokies' eight-game winning streak and keep their own ACCCG hopes alive.

At this point, the two teams are definitely rivals, fueled by a series of important meetings, similar to the way Oregon and USC can be considered a rivalry. When the Hokies and Hurricanes meet, it's usually meaningful for at least one team, if not both. Because of this, Kyle Tucker of the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot argues that Miami may be Virginia Tech's top rival:

For the same reason the Hokies' rivalry with in-state foe Virginia has lost some luster in recent years - as Tech has won six straight and 10 of 11 against the Cavaliers - the annual meeting with Miami remains unpredictable. And there's usually a lot on the line for both sides when these two teams play.

Virginia Tech fans speak of the 2003 game against Miami (and the intensity of that night's crowd) with revered tones. I was at the 2005 game, where Miami crushed No. 3 Virginia Tech despite one of the loudest outdoor crowds I've ever experienced.

The competitiveness of the games has made this a rivalry, but so has the culture clash. Hokie fans pride themselves on being hard-working and blue-collar. Miami fans are known for their swagger and trash talk. Despite all of this, I'm still not willing to call Miami our top rival.

I will always consider UVa to be our top rival for the shear hatred and in-state factor. I won't do what a lot of the Hoos do when they say, "Oh, they're not our rival, North Carolina is." No way. UVa's our top rival, no matter how the recent series history as gone. Hokie fans have to deal with UVa fans in everyday life. Miami fans really only make themselves known one week a year.

UVa is our top rival and always will be because of the social and recruiting ramifications. But Miami is right behind them because of how much it matters in the standings.

Why do you rank our rivalry with Miami?