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Gobbler Country's Preliminary Week 13 BlogPoll Ballot

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The Top 3 teams didn't play, so there's not a whole lot of movement this week, however with this upcoming weekend's slate of games there could be plenty of movement. The toughest part about this week was figuring out what to do with the Big 12 teams, finding enough teams to actually fill out the ballot. The final edition is due by Wednesday morning, so please get in your complaints, suggestions and reasonings in by then.

Games Watched: Air Force at UNLV, Oklahoma State at Kansas (50%), Virginia at Boston College (50%), Virginia Tech at Miami, Arkansas at Mississippi State (50%), Oklahoma at Baylor (50%), Nebraska at Texas A&M (50%).

Virginia Tech Hokies in the rankings: No. 16 BCS | No. 14 Coaches | No. 14 Harris (pdf) | No. 13 AP

  • No movement at the top. However, Boise State and Auburn have good opportunities to impress this week against Nevada and Alabama, respectively. TCU and Oregon should romp against New Mexico and Arizona.
  • I almost moved the Cardinal ahead of Wisconsin this week, but kept the Badgers at No. 5. I'd love to see those two teams play in a bowl game.
  • LSU struggled against Ole Miss and pulled it out at the end just like it has every week but one. But c'mon. Ole Miss at home? The Tigers have slowly built an impressive resume, but they seem to play to the level of their competition. They struggled early against McNeese State and almost got out-giggitied by the Right Reverend.
  • Where should Oklahoma State be ranked? Is No. 10 high enough or do I dare nudge them ahead of Bama?
  • As for the other Big 12 teams, I had to play around with them a bit to try and get things equal. Here's what we have. Texas A&M beat Nebraska and lost to Mizzou. Nebraska beat Mizzou and lost to Texas A&M (and inexplicably in back-to-back weeks lost to Texas and beat OSU in Stillwater). Oklahoma lost to Mizzou and Texas A&M. It's impossible to rank these teams, but I've put Texas A&M on top for now because it's won five in a row. After that, we have the who-beat-whom hierarchy in tact.
  • The bottom of the poll is a mess. Iowa and Mississippi State both lost to quality teams (although they lost to them at home) and I don't think deserved to get booted entirely from the poll. The newcomers are Utah (who won on the road against a San Diego State team that is much better than it's given credit for) and West Virginia who has a more impressive resume than Northern Illinois.
  • What about Arizona? What about 'em? The Cats have lost two in a row and I'm hesitant to include them in the poll again just because they had a bye week and couldn't lose a third going into this weekend's game against Oregon.