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2010 Bowl Projections: Week 13 Virginia Tech Projections

Now that the Hokies have clinched a spot in the ACC Championship game, they control their own fate as far as their bowl destination goes. If they win in Charlotte in two weeks, they'll head back to Miami for their third Orange Bowl appearance in four years.

Who they'll face varies, depending on the source. Mark Schlabach and Andrea Adelson of ESPN and College Football News all have us facing Ohio State. Stewart Mandel of SI and CBS Sports have us facing TCU.

However, if the Hokies lose to their Atlantic Division opponent, they'll likely be headed to either the Peach Bowl in Atlanta (yes, I know what it's called) or the Tangerine Bowl in Orlando (yes, I know what it's called).

The Peach Bowl selects from the SEC's pool of bowl-eligible teams and has the fourth choice among non-BCS bowls after the Citrus Bowl, Cotton Bowl and Hall of Fame Bowl. However, the SEC will likely get two teams into the BCS, meaning the Peach Bowl would technically select sixth among bowls looking for SEC teams.

According to Leeman Bennett's latest bowl selection blog, the Peach Bowl is looking at Arkansas, Florida and Mississippi State.

The Tangerine Bowl has the first selection of bowl-eligible teams from the Big East after the BCS. The possibilities are endless here, but it would likely be Pittsburgh, West Virginia or UConn. The Tangerine can also select Notre Dame once every four years as long as Notre Dame is at least 7-5.

Hopefully the Hokies can just take care of business and make their way to Miami.

The SBN mothership will have plenty of updates on bowl projections over the next couple of weeks.