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Virginia Tech 37, UVa 7: Hokies Win 7th in a Row Over Wahoos

Virginia Tech's seventh consecutive win over their rivals from UVa wasn't the spectacular dismantling we saw in 2009 or 2005 and it wasn't filled with moments of trepidation like in 2008 or 2004. Nor was it like in 2007 game when the Hokies struggled to execute, but UVa was never seriously in it.

No, this was a new chapter in the Hokies' win streak against Wahoos. It was a slow, meticulous bludgeoning that was beautiful in its imperfections. Sure, the Tech gave up their share of yards, but UVa was never able to capitalize because they went 1-for-12 on third down and turned it over on downs thrice.

The Hokies also piled on the points, but never in a spectacular fashion. The closest the Hokies came to an awe-inspiring score was David Wilson's 20-yard TD scamper on a screen pass when he absorbed a big hit at the five and stretched the ball over the pylon.

No one player on offense or even defense had a remarkable game. No running back went over 100 yards and Tyrod Taylor threw for less than 200. On defense, they forced but one turnover and gave up a late touchdown that would have spoiled a beautiful shutout.

But the Hokies' 10th consecutive win was nonetheless special because it was a full team effort. All three running backs found the end zone, receivers made plays on key third downs and the guys like Kyle Fuller and Chris Drager stepped up on defense when it was needed.

The Hokies dominated an out-classed opponent even when they weren't at their sharpest. It was a resounding win that left no doubt in anyone's mind who the best team on the field was, but it still provided plenty of coaching points for the next week before the ACC Championship Game.

It was an imperfect perfect win. Let's celebrate tonight and start prepping for Charlotte tomorrow.