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Gobbler Country's Preliminary Week 14 BlogPoll Ballot

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Craziness. Final ballot is due Wednesday morning, so you have until then to get in your complains, suggestions and reasonings.

Games Watched: Texas A&M at Texas, West Virginia at Pittsburgh, Auburn at Alabama, Arizona at Oregon, Boise State at Nevada, Virginia at Virginia Tech, NC State at Maryland (50%), LSU at Arkansas (50%), Oklahoma at Oklahoma State.



  • I still have Oregon over Auburn, but man was this difficult. Auburn got a big, big road win against Alabama in an impressive comeback. Meanwhile, the Ducks blew out Arizona at home. Right now I favor the Ducks because their offense is just blowing everyone away. I can be swayed by a good argument, though. Auburn's been played closer this year, but by better competition.
  • The same goes for Wisconsin over Stanford. If there were a reason to root against Auburn in the SECCG other than Cam Newton's eligibility questions, its that a loss by the Tigers would basically guarantee us a Wisconsin-Stanford Rose Bowl, which would be amazing. I'll take the Badgers because right now there aren't a whole lot of teams I think could beat them and their defense is a touch better than Stanford's.
  • Oklahoma makes a big jump after a second consecutive impressive road win. They blew out Baylor, which isn't a horrible team this year and then beat an OSU team that on paper was a better team going into that game. 
  • Elsewhere: How much should Nevada move up for beating Boise State? How much should Alabama and Oklahoma State move down for losing at home to good teams?