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Virginia Tech 28, Georgia Tech 21: This Looks Oddly Familiar

Watching Thursday night's game was like tuning in to watch your favorite TV show only to find that it's a rerun. We had been used to compelling plotlines and character development from Virginia Tech for the last month or so. Then, after a week off, the Hokies threw an old script at us.

They dug themselves a huge hole to start, Tyrod Taylor struggled in the middle and then at the end an Andre Smith red zone TD, a solid run game and a David Wilson kickoff return saved them. Everyone got to go home happy.

What the Hokies' win against Georgia Tech did was remind us that this team still has flaws. Their wins over Central Michigan, Wake Forest and Duke weren't complete smoke and mirrors, but were certainly aided by how absolutely horrible those teams are.

The Hokies (and Tyrod) still struggle with consistency and still need to find a way to stop the run and quit giving up big plays. Escaping with a win keeps Tech's margin for error in tact with regards to winning to Coastal, but also gives us a dose of reality. This team is good, but not above reverting to its previous self.