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Gobbler Country's Preliminary Week 11 BlogPoll Ballot

This was a tough week to rank teams because so many highly ranked teams struggled. One-loss teams trying to find their way into the Top 5 like Nebraska and Iowa nearly suffered embarrassing losses, Alabama went down and South Carolina was blown out. It makes differentiating between those teams very difficult. After the jump is the full ballot, which is due in its final form by Wednesday.

Games Watched: Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech, Central Florida at Houston. Games on Radio: Maryland at Miami, North Carolina at Florida State, Alabama at LSU, Missouri at Texas Tech, Arizona State at USC.


  • Yes, the Hokies are back in the poll.
  • LSU makes the biggest jump after its win over Alabama. Things looked bleak for the Tigers after the first half, but Les Miles either sold his soul to the devil as Mark suggests or is actually the devil. Either way, they're going to be tough to beat.
  • Differentiating between LSU, Stanford and Wisconsin will be tough. LSU and Stanford both have one loss on the road to teams ranked ahead of the them while the Badgers lost on the road to fellow one-loss team Michigan State. I have Stanford ahead because of how impressive they've looked when I've seen them. Should LSU be ahead of Wisconsin? Or both?
  • TCU jumps Boise. Even if Utah was actually a 10-15 team instead of the 5-10 team some thought, TCU still destroyed them on the road. Not many teams in the Top 25 can claim a win that impressive at a team that highly ranked.
  • Why is Nevada ranked that high? I don't know, my love of them is kind of irrational. They have destroyed pretty much everyone they've played, except the loss to Hawaii. Either way, they would probably destroy most of the mediocre teams in the Top 25.
  • Do you have any idea how hard it was to fill this ballot out? There are a lot of absolutely terrible teams in college football right now. I didn't want to rank A&M because I think the Aggies are awful. But compared to all the other options, they're the best one. It doesn't really matter. It seems like three to four teams ranked 21-25 lose every week so it will be someone else's turn next week.