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Will Virginia Tech Wear Orange Helmets in the Orange Bowl?

I really hope not, but Joe from The Key Play has a photo of the orange helmets he says we're going to wear against Stanford.

Here's hoping the helmets, which I'm told were posted on, aren't going to see the field. I understand that players like the variety, but we've really taken it too far this year. If we wear these orange helmets it will be the fifth different helmet the team has worn. Then we'll really be Oregon East have another reason to associate ourselves with the Ducks during the BCSCG.

But the main reason I don't want us to wear these orange helmets is a simple one -- they're ugly. They're really, really ugly. They look like Syracuse's helmets with square-root-of-one logos slapped on them. They look like they should be worn by a nameless high school playing against Ampipe in All the Right Moves.

Please, powers that be, please don't actually put these atrocities on our players on Monday Night Football. I get the joke. They're orange. It's the orange bowl. It's cute, it really is. But at some point we really just need to stop. I love our maroon helmets, I liked the black ones and the white ones with the striping grew on me. But these are horrendous.

Burn them.