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Virginia Tech SGA Already Taking Suggestions for Orange and Maroon Effect Shirts

Last year the folks in charge of coming up with the effect shirts started pretty early in selected the themes. They started accepting suggestions in February and came up with "It's in the Lane" (Maroon) and "Beamerball: It's One Big Block Party" (Orange). I liked the orange effect slogan and the design of the maroon shirt, which was a big improvement over what we've gotten in the past.

Well, the SGA is getting an even earlier start on getting feedback for this year's shirts. A few of the early idea are already up, so let them know what you think either at that link or on Twitter via @vtsga. I kind of like "Start Jumping" myself.

Any ideas for effect slogans? At what point should they just start recycling the best ones like "Time to go to Work" or "Who Needs a Benz When You Have a Beamer"?