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Virginia Tech RB Ryan Williams on NFL Draft: "Whatever's the Best Decision for Me and My Family"

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Virginia Tech running back Ryan Williams was on Tech Talk Live last night and one of the topics he discussed with Bill Roth was his future with the Hokies. Williams submitted his paperwork to the NFL for evaluation by its advisory committee and has until the NFL Draft's early entry deadline (usually the middle of January) to decide if he'll return to school.

On what he thinks he'll hear from the advisory committee:

"I think I'll hear im a potential first rounder, second rounder. I want to hear the same thing. Just whatever's the best decision for me and my family, I'll make that decision at that time. Right now, I'm a Hokie and I have to finish out the Orange Bowl."

On if the Orange Bowl will be his last game at Tech:

"I don't know. You'll have to wait and see after the Orange Bowl, after I make my decision. Right now I'm not really thinking about it. There's too much going on right now, I have to focus on the Orange Bowl."

On if he likes being in college:

"It's cool, living my own life with my own freedom and getting to do what I want. Besides football, everything else is on my time so that's cool I guess."

Read whatever you want into those quotes. Basically, if Williams thinks he's going to be on first round/second round bubble, I think he'll head to the draft. Right now he's the No. 59 draft prospect according to Mocking the Draft and the No. 4 running back. What he'll hear from the advisory committee could be different -- for better or worse.

H/T: VTphreak4evr