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Virginia Tech is Practicing Where for the 2011 Orange Bowl?

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I pay attention to a lot of sporting events you couldn't care less about. For those of you unfortunate enough to follow me on The Twitter, you're probably aware that I'm excited about Team USA's defense of its World Junior Hockey Championship gold medal.

Because of this, I've heard of a lot of universities most sane people haven't. So when I had to do a double-take at the college hosting the Hokies' bowl practices, you know the place is obscure. Virginia Tech is practicing at Nova Southeastern University, home of the Sharks. Where is NSU, you ask? The answer is after the jump.



NSU is in Davie, Fla., and has the Miami Dolphins training facility on its campus. The private university has almost 29,000 students, over 16,000 of which are postgraduates.

NSU doesn't sponsor football and the sports teams it does have on campus play at the Division 2 level in the same conference as Barry University (which I'd heard of), Stanford's host during Orange Bowl week. When you start comparing NSU to Barry, well, there really is no comparison.

From the looks of things, NSU has more students, better facilities and a better mascot than our rivals at Barry. NSU has Razor the Shark while Barry has Bucky the Parrot. I mean c'mon. A parrot? Look at that shark in the logo. Does that look like an Orange Bowl-losing shark? I don't think so.

If any of the folks at NSU end up reading this post, I have a new slogan for you guys*. Nova Southeastern University: Where Winners Practice**.

* - This has been trademarked so get out your checkbook if you want to use it.
** - Obviously this doesn't apply to the Dolphins.