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ACC Bloggers Pick the ACC Championship Game

I couldn't find a good photo of Bank of America Stadium, so ... you're welcome. (Photo by Geoff Burke/Getty Images)
I couldn't find a good photo of Bank of America Stadium, so ... you're welcome. (Photo by Geoff Burke/Getty Images)
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I solicited various ACC bloggers for their prediction on this weekend's ACC Championship Game between Virginia Tech and Florida State.  Thanks to everyone who replied.

ACC Bloggers

  • The ACC & SEC Blog: I think Virginia Tech will win because they have been much better this season in the turnover department than FSU; Other than that I see this as a very even matchup.
  • Jim Young, ACC Sports: Virginia Tech 31, Florida State 28 - Here's my thinking. Florida State's D has done well when its pass rush has gotten to the opposing quarterback. When it hasn't done that enough - either because of a mobile QB (i.e. Russell Wilson) or because of good play-action (i.e. UNC and T.J. Yates), its secondary has been hurt. Tyrod Taylor clearly is mobile enough to buy time and make big plays through the air. On the other side, I think FSU's injuries at tailback will put more of the offensive load on Christian Ponder's arm. He's still good, but if he makes any mistakes, the Hokies' corners will make him play.

Virginia Tech Bloggers

  • Joe, The Key Play (VT): Virginia Tech 38 Florida State 33 - Laser Eyes gets it done.
  • BCO, The Key Play (VT): Virginia Tech 30, Florida State 24 - Dadgumit owned Frank, the curse is lifted now that Jimbo is the head guy.
  • The A-Line (VT): Virginia Tech. Unless they do not.
  • Hokie Football Annual (VT): Virginia Tech 27, Florida State 21 - The Hokies will again pull off an end zone pick, leaving FSU to Ponder what could have been.
  • We Bleed Bourbon (VT): Virginia Tech 34, Florida State 28 - It's going to be groundhog day for the Hokies, give up some early points and have to claw their way back. This will be the defense's biggest test from the ACC.
  • The North End Zone (VT): Virginia Tech 35, Florida State 27 - Defense gives up some points, but comes up big in the 4th. Hokie fans continue to suffer heart attacks, but we come out on top.
  • Virginia Tech Fan (VT): Virginia Tech 27, Florida State 24 - These teams are very evenly matched, VT's offense is probably slightly better and FSU's defense is likewise better. Virginia Tech needs to win the special teams play. In the end, I think Virginia Tech is more motivated than FSU, who just came off what will be their biggest win of the year (beating Florida). The ACC Championship is a bit of an afterthought for them.

Coastal Division Bloggers

  • Tar Heel Fan (UNC): Virginia Tech 33, Florida State 23.
  • Eye of the Hurricane (UM): Virginia Tech 31, Florida State 20 - I think Virginia Tech wins. Running game, overall physicality, and the ability to pressure Ponder into some bad throws. Close for a half, but the Hokies pull away much like they did in the Miami game.
  • From the Rumble Seat (GT): Virginia Tech 35, Florida State 31 - FTRS will not pick against Viginia Tech until it is too late to do so. If you can't beat em, join em.
  • From Old Virginia (UVA): Virginia Tech 31, Florida State 23 - Because the football gods have spent the last three or so years engineering the results of every game played so as to piss me off as much as possible, so why should this be any different? I further predict VT's opponent in the Orange Bowl will be Ohio State, just so that when I turn it on my eyes will bleed.
  • Streaking the Lawn (UVA): Virginia Tech 31, Florida State 14 - In what I like to call a "terrible outcome," not only are the Hokies going to cover, they're going to demolish Florida State, whose success depends entirely on an unreliable Christian Ponder.

Atlantic Division Bloggers

  • Scalp 'Em (FSU): Florida State 38, Virginia Tech 34 - Because why not?

  • Blogger So Dear (WF): Virginia Tech 28, Florida State 21 - VT really took that James Madison loss to heart and they seem possessed. Plus Christian Ponder is made of peanut brittle.
  • Shakin the Southland (CU): Virginia Tech 27, Florida State 21.
  • D1scourse (MD): Virginia Tech 20, Florida State 17.
  • BC Interruption (BC): Hokies win, because you won't be in attendance. I've learned the hard way.
  • Riddick and Reynolds (NCSU): Virginia Tech 28, Florida State 21 - Too much Tyrod Taylor and too much Ryan Williams.
  • Block-C (CU): Poot, I don't even know who's in the game.