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Virginia Tech 44, Florida State 33: Hokies Win Fourth ACC Championship

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I don't know why I don't listen to Joe more often. He is the Id to my Ego and always has been. While I cower in fear and await the worst, Joe is always yelling at me to quit being a wuss and to face my fate with my chest puffed out and two middle fingers thrust brazenly at the opposition.

Today, Joe was right again. While I feared The Spear like I always do, Joe had no doubt today's game would end in a Virginia Tech victory for one reason and one reason only.

"We have Tyrod Taylor and they don't."

Tyrod came through with probably the best game of his career when it mattered most. He did what he had to do to help the Hokies move the ball and find the end zone. Every time FSU scored and it looked like the Seminoles were going to make this a game, Tyrod had the answer.

The stat sheet isn't going to show anything completely spectacular for Tyrod. He completed 64.3 percent of his passes, but did so at 9.4 yards per attempt for three touchdowns and no interceptions. For the most part, Florida State held him in check on the ground, but he came through when it counted and wound up with 24 rushing yards on 11 carries and another touchdown.

But what Tyrod brought to the table in Saturday's game can't be measured on a stat sheet. He made throws on the run I didn't think he could make. He converted third-and-long and after third-and-long that resulted in Tech being 13-of-18 on third down. That, over anything else, was the key stat for the Hokies.

The defense, while it did allow 33 points, wasn't completely awful. We're used to seeing the defense give up big yards on the ground and play air-tight defense through the air. Against the Seminoles the Hokies allowed 1.9 yards per carry (including three sacks) and 9.0 yards per pass attempt.

For the first time since probably the Boise State game, it was the pass defense that caused the Hokies moments of trepidation. But thanks to two interceptions and a crucial three-and-out at on the Seminoles first drive of the second half, the Hokies were able to extend their lead and put the Noles away.

Credit this game to Tyrod and the coaching staff. There were some frustrating play calls (there always are in a game like this) but I thought Byran Stinespring called a good game and I thought Bud Foster made the halftime adjustments that were needed to get the job done.

The Hokies had a couple of drives where they threw an incompletion on first down and ran out of the shotgun on second down to force third-and-long. But in almost every occasion, Tyrod somehow managed to convert. Still, the Hokies took advantage of where they thought the Seminoles were weak and finished with 442 yards of offense.

The wild, crazy, magical ride that has been the 2010 season will finish in a BCS game. I didn't think it would, but Joe did, even when things seemed at their worst. And while I'll probably fear a repeat of the 2007 Orange Bowl whether we play Stanford or UConn, Joe will probably predict another Hokie domination.

One of these days I'll learn to trust him and Tyrod Taylor and give in to my Id, wherever it may be.

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