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UVa 57, Virginia Tech 54: Well, Now What?

Trib managed to ruin the result for me before I got home to watch the game on DVR, so I decided to delete the recording, sight unseen. Anyone got anything to say about this game?

I see the point total was almost exactly what I thought I'd be so I think I have a pretty good idea of how things went. Let's see... yep, we shot 43 percent and had more turnovers than assists. At least Malcolm Delaney looked to be hitting his shots. That's a step in the right direction. The rest of the team going 12-for-36? Yeah, not so much.

Oh, and Jeff Allen fouled out and Mike Scott had 21 points. I'm guessing those two things are somewhat related.

The good news is we should win the next five games. Penn State is somehow more pathetic on offense than we are, Mississippi State lost EVERYONE off last year's squad and lost to Florida Atlantic and the other three should be cake. This team has plenty of time to get better, but if it's going to find the cure it better do it in the next five games because after that nothing will be easy.