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Gobbler Country's Preliminary Week 15 BlogPoll Ballot

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Not many games means not much change, although there was change at the top. Final ballot is due Wednesday morning so get your suggestions and reasonings in by then. Gracias.

Games Watched: Arizona State at Arizona, Oregon at Oregon State (50%), Auburn vs. South Carolina (50%), Florida State vs. Virginia Tech, Nebraska vs. Oklahoma (25%), USC at UCLA.

  • Auburn decimated what was considered to be a pretty good South Carolina defense and made Stephen Garcia turn back into a pumpkin. The Tigers are now the No. 1 team in the country in my opinion whether you go by "eye test" or resume.
  • Yeah, I moved Stanford ahead of Wisconsin. I didn't realize how good the Cardinal's defense was until I started looking at it, especially for playing in a league that is usually offense-dominated. Wisconsin put up a lot of points late in the year, but after further review, Stanford was just as dominant coming down the stretch.
  • Elsewhere there was some shuffling due to conference title game losses. Even with the win over FSU, I'm not sure I should jump the Hokies over LSU.