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2011 Orange Bowl: ESPN Monday Night Football Crew Will Call Virginia Tech vs. Stanford

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ESPN has released its announcing schedule for the 2010-11 bowl season. It includes either a pleasant or unpleasant surprise for fans of Virginia Tech and Stanford, depending on how you feel about ESPN's Monday Night Football crew.

Mike Tirico, Jon Gruden and Ron Jaworski will call the game while Michele Tafoya will be the sideline reporter. To me, this is good news for fans because it means the network holds the Hokies-Cardinal matchup in high regard to put assign its MNF crew to it.

People are always going to be polarized by announcing teams, but I like ESPN's current MNF crew, especially Tirico and Gruden. The one concern I have is how well quickly they'll be able to prepare for calling a game between two college teams. Regardless, they're sure to do a better job than the guys Fox trotted out for previous BCS games.

Also, Gruden and Jaws being NFL analysts, I expect them to salivate over Andrew Luck throughout the entire broadcast.

Tirico and Gruden will also call the Hall of Fame Bowl on Jan. 1 on ABC and the BCSCG on Jan. 10 for ESPN Radio.