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Recruiting by Head-Coaches-in-Waiting Limited by New NCAA Rule

When Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster was offered an annuity if he remains with the Hokies for the next five years, the school stopped just short of naming him Frank Beamer's successor. Turns out the Hokies made the right call in doing so.

The NCAA announced a new rule Thursday which limits recruiting by HCIWs. They now face the same restrictions head coaches do when it comes to off-campus recruiting. This rule, which effects Texas and Maryland, limits Will Muschamp and James Franklin to one off-campus visit with each recruit and the visit can't come during the spring.

Foster would have faced the same restrictions if he had been named HCIW by Tech. While some may call the rule unfair, I think the concept of the HCIW is actually unfair to other schools. It was advantageous for Texas, Maryland, Florida State and Kentucky to designate HCIWs because it put a second head coach on the recruiting trail, one without the same restrictions as the HBIC.

Texas and Maryland will fight this rule with everything they have. But until it's actually retracted, Tech looks very shrewd in its decision not to give Foster an HCIW deal.