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Cat Out of Bag: Announces the Virginia Tech-Boise State Game Will be on Labor Day

The worst-kept secret in Virginia Tech athletics is a secret no more. According to, the Hokies' 2010 game against Boise State will be their home opener and be played Labor Day at FedEx Field in suburban Washington, D.C.

The move was likely facilitated by ESPN, which wanted a marquee game for its Labor Day telecast. The Hokies and Broncos were originally scheduled to meet Oct. 2, but Tech's season opener with Central Michigan was moved to Oct. 9, opening up the first weekend of the season for the game against Boise.

I've already been over why this move is good or bad for the Hokies. It gives them a lot more exposure on a weekend when starved college football fans finally get to gorge themselves on precious oblong, but it will also be a baptism by fire for the defense, which replaces several key cogs and the offensive line, which will have two new starters. Boise State returns 21 starters from last year's undefeated team.

This is a great move for the Hokies in terms of exposure and finances, but it will cost them dearly if they lose. Despite all Boise State has done in recent years to build its program, it is still a no-win proposition to play it. That's not fair to Boise State, which has gone from being a great team to being a great program, but it's the way most pundits around the country still think.

It's great the Hokies are willing to step up to the plate against Boise and it's great the game will put them in the spotlight and fill their pockets. But I still don't like it at all.