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Seth Greenberg to St. John's Rumors Heating Up

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported this morning on a story that broke last night in the New York Post: Seth Greenberg is on St. John's short list for potential head coaches. 

Just over a week ago, I said that this was going to be a move the Johnnies would seriously consider, and it looks like they were already thinking that way.

When your hometown team comes calling with an offer of nearly double your current salary, it makes for a tough, tough decision.

Has he built a stable program in Blacksburg? Yes. 

Do his daughters go to Virginia Tech? Yes, well only one of them will after his eldest Paige graduates in May. 

I'm not saying Seth is already out the door, but there is no way in hell he doesn't entertain the offer. I know this is his dream job, and even if the timing might be less than ideal, dreams don't hang around forever.